May 27, 2019


9:38 am…

He walks briskly toward me holding tightly to his LCBO (Liquor Board of Ontario) brown paper bag. He sits on the concrete column his hands slightly shaking as he opens the bag. He drools on his silver beard wiping it hastily as he pulls out a beer. He pops the top open and put it to his lips drinking aggressively tilting his head back and drinks eagerly. He pauses, sighs audibly and rests one hand on his knee head slightly bowed. He takes a few deep breaths raise his hand holding the beer and drinks deeply again. He sighs.

Reluctant witness i thought sadly...
I don't know what demon you're chasing or what demon is chasing you. I pray you get a handle on it and come into realizing that your are worth more than what's you feel is at the bottom of that bottle.

As human beings we all have places we're vulnerable. We all have vises. The question is, do you have a vise or does your vise have you?


  1. This is very thought provoking and insightful. Whenever I see individuals like this doing this, my heart breaks and I say a prayer for them. Only they and God know what the demon is.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

    PS: Come by my place for a quick visit, I miss you.

    1. indeed it is hard breaking to witness. Well all have our troubles and use different tools to navigate them or in this case not navigate them.

  2. I suppose we all have our vices --anesthetics that help us through. However, when they claim ultimacy, they lead us off into a direction we can neither identify or feel we needed to go. Poignant post.

    1. True enough. Oh that's for sure, addiction is a beast all on its own.

  3. I think as a kid I had a lot more vices, and a few had me, but now that I'm older, I've learned to look at life differently, and to make changes as needed so I don't get caught up.

      I try not to get caught up as you say.

  4. Nice short story. Yes i have my vise.
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