Apr 25, 2019


Earphones in she glides by flash her presto card in front of the auto pay debit machine and kept on walking.

"Excuse me miss! Miss! Miss! Your card didn't work, said the bus driver. 
A woman in the chair opposite me stood up pointed to herself and ask, "me?" 
"No," the driver said gesturing to back. Then his fingers seemed to land on me, I stood and quizzically looked at him because I didn't use a card. "No," he said as he pointed pass me. 

"Miss, miss, miss!" He called to no avail. It took every passenger in a relay point to finally get to her and still she was not able to hear. It took the passenger seated next to her tap on her shoulder to get her attention. "Me?" She asked and pointed to herself. 

"Yes you, your card did not work. I tried calling you as you passed by me but you had your headphones and didn't hear me not did you hear the machine beeped indicating your card is empty."

"Oh, I am so sorry," she said as she removed the ear bud from one ear as she navigated her way to the front of the bus. She retrieved her card and flash it again. The machine emitted this waaap sound. She said, "oh, I have money, how much is the fare, $3:20?" 

"$3.55 said the driver. She paid, reinserted the earbud and resumed her seat.

I thought, 'wow ok, lesson lost?'


  1. For some folks, lessons never actually existed, let alone lost.

  2. Lesson lost? Probably not. She probably doesn't have a clue...


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