Mar 14, 2019


I make it a habit to always check the seat on public transit before I sit. While I may not be able to know who sit where and when I can certainly see if a seat is dirty. 

This morning I boarded the bus from the subway station. It was not so crowded as a bus had just left the platform. As nagivated my way in the bus I quickly scanned the seat for debries, wet spots, stains and soils that may possibly transfer unto my clothing and skin. I turned to my left with the intent to sit when my inner voice prompted me, 'check the seat before you sit down.' I checked and sure enough there was a rust red stain. It did not look hygienic, in fact it looked like menstration blood. The shaped was elongated and the stain was center mass. I grimaced and quickly chose a seat on the opposite side that appeared clean.

As I looked on I noticed a woman going toward the seat. She sat down without checking the seat.


  1. I hope the unlucky stranger was not wearing white

  2. SMH on this one. It leaves me speechless, at a loss for words.

    Have a great week, my friend!

  3. Yikes! OH MY! That’s awful. Thank goodness you looked before you sat.


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