Jul 8, 2018


I was coming back from a lunch run. I boarded the 506 bus on Crawford St., going east to Victoria Park Station #9220. The driver did not lower the bus. I though OK and stepped up (didn't realize the step up was so high). I flashed my pass and sat down. 

The next stop:
An elder Asian woman boarded, again he didn't lower the bus. Slightly shaky she paid her fare and extended her hand for a transfer. He did not give her the transfer rather he rested the transfer on the fare box and she hand to pick it up from there. I simple shook my head at his behavior. 

At the next stop:
Aroind 2:15 an elderly Caucasian woman with a cane tried to get on, again he didn't lower the bus. She struggled and managed to get in. I said "why didn't lower the bus?" I got no response. He took off driving before older woman could sit. She wobbled a bit with her cane. I quickly got up and gave her my seat.

At Bathurst & College I stood prepared to leave the bus, he still did not lower the bus. I held on and step down slowly. I looked at him and shook my head. As I walked away I heard the middle aged Afro-Caribbean man that was on the bus with me ask him to lower the bus. I did not turn around to see the drivers response. I was already disgusted with his passive aggressive behavior and his baltant disregard and compassion for anyone. I did hear the Afro-Caribbean man let loose some curse words on the driver asking him who the hell he think he was. At that point I looked back just in time to  see his vexed face, hands flaring as he expressed his frustration to the driver about his toxic attitude. Having experienced the drivers attitude for a couple of stops as well he told the driver that when he stopped the bus he is suppose to lower the bus for passengers especially those needing the assistance. It is then I heard the bus being lowered. 

In Truth: 
We all have bad days, sad days and simply intolerable and unbearable days, it's called being human. What we don't have is the right to take it out the shit we are feeling &; experiencing on others.


  1. You're absolutely right. No one has the right to disregard the feelings and needs of other people so blatantly. At first, I thought you were going to indicate he was a racist of some kind, but no, he was just a meanie. With that kind of attitude, he shouldn't be driving a bus.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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