Jul 4, 2018


Some accidence are not accidence but simply willful ignorance. This morning on the first leg of my commute to work a woman with an infant in her arms and her children boarded. Her mother or mother in law I presume came in with the stroller first, a boy probably 5 or 6 sat in the stroller. On the top of the stroller sat a toddler no more than 2 years old. His foot dangled and his body moved from side to side as she navigated the stroller down the aisle.

I assumed she perched the little one the stroller to maneuver the it in the bus and would remove him once she settled.The young woman with the infant sat next to me. The baby look about 3 to 4 months old. 

I resumed reading my eBook "Savage Hunter" by Terry Spear. As I read I heard an elderly man who sat to the left of me saying something. I paused from my reading and looked up. I quickly realized he was not speaking to me but to the older woman with the stroller who to my surprise still had the 2 yr old perched on top the stroller. He was advising her on the danger of leaving the child there as the bus moved. He warned that a sudden hard brake by the driver of the bus can result in the child being thrown and getting seriously hurt. She smiled leaning forward and holding the child as if to say "I got him now." I steered at her incredulously as the bus moved and the child swayed. I looked at her and said, "he should not be on there, it is not safe." She replied, "he refuse to sit in the stroller." I said, "but you are the adult." The young woman with the infant to my right rose out her hand on the stroller and said defensively, "he is my son and if he wants to sit up there he can sit up there." The elderly man stop speaking immediately. The people on the bus steered at her the same time the bus pulled into the subway station. I looked at her while the elder woman is tried speaking with her and took the child off. She announced, "it's my son." I said to her leaving the bus, "I hope your ignorance does not pay off because it will be your child to pay the price for your stupidity."

Seriously, is that something to  stand and defend?  Others caring that your child is not hurt? No one wants to bare witness to a child getting hurt. "Dumb Ass!"


  1. Oh Rhapsody there is a wave of stupidity like I have never seen coming over us. We just had an incident, not here but in the states, where a young mother left her infant child in her car while she went and shopped in Wal-Mart. I don't know if you folks had had the kind of heat and humidity that we have been experiencing here in the states but it has been brutal. Police had to shatter the window to rescue the child. Are people just becoming stupider? Sometimes I'm embarrassed as a member of the human race.

    1. I guess "Stupid" is the new norm? Well Lord let me never be "Normal"

  2. Your last two words sums it up perfectly...Dumb Ass! There's not much more to add to this experience, you said it all. I am constantly amazed how ignorant some people are. It's even worse when kids are involved and the adults don't "heed wise advice".

    Today's Example of stupidity: The nut-case that climbed the Statue of Liberty this morning... protesting something.

    Have a great week, my friend!

    1. Yeah well.
      If one is to expend their energy they should do it for something worthy of it.

  3. Some adults are so stubborn and ungrateful towards those who care to speak up.

  4. Thanks for your visit on my blog! Nice to meet you, Valerie


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