Mar 16, 2017


Ottawa women’s rights activist Julie Lalonde has spent more than a decade raising awareness of sexual assault and gender-based violence, all the while experiencing constant harassment by men on and offline. She regularly receives rape and death threats on social media, and whenever she presents a workshop or gives a speech, she always makes sure to have an escort walk her to and from her car. It can be discouraging and emotionally draining to see how much work still needs to be done. But one thing that gives her hope is the rise of the male ally: men who are signing up to support the movement to combat sexual assault and rape culture. READ MORE


  1. It is good that men are signing up to support the movement. I can see that that would give her hope.

  2. I truly believe that women would be honoured more if they wouldn't wear provocative clothing like skin tight jeans and skirts especially not in week end and bar situations ...


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