Mar 16, 2017


Doubt is like a starving animal licking at your heels desperate for every morsel that drops from you mouth. He will mew, mourn, cry, beg and coerce you for food. The minute you give in and feed him he gets automatically demanding trying to control you to ensure his belly is always swollen in satisfaction. He'd care little that his Satisfaction comes at the expense of yours. His only interests is that he is fed.

Do not give into doubt, it is insidious and will erode your confidence and eat your self-worth.

D.S.B.S..Rhapsody © all rights reserved


  1. Having self doubt is not unusual. Life is full of these moments. It all comes down to using logic in the long run. At times logic has to over rule emotion. I should take my own advice.

  2. I feed my man what I like ... take it or leave it ... life is too short to worry any one but yourself ...

  3. Doubt can control us if we let it... I love your thoughts here and I totally agree xox


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