Nov 1, 2016


What I have noticed about my aging journey …

20161104_110427[1]The week feels longer

The weekend feels shorter

My bullshit tolerance is zero

My patience though I know its virtuous is short

I know the value of my time and am meticulous with whom I share it with

I prefer to be liked however I am ok with not being liked or favored by others if it means I must compromise to my integrity.

I don’t give a rats ass what people think or say about me, frankly its not my business. If they have an issue with me, it is their issue and I have no intention of making it mind.

I love the company of others though I love my own company more

The sound of nothing brings forth many things.

Movement and agility is grace

Every breath is precious and priceless

Bodily functions are a blessing

I am in control of my mouth and though I can be provoked if i choose to act or speak inappropriately it is a choice not an excuse

I have let go of my expectation of others

I respect people’s right to govern their lives even if their choices are not the best. The truth is it is theirs to make, so live and let live.

I don’t need anyone’s validation to be my authentic self

I accept that some people won’t like me, stand up for me, support me or speak to the truth of what they see if it means putting their neck on the chopping block.

I realize that pretending is some people’s way of living and lies is a function of their normal.

It is wise not to judge because your view on things 9 out of 10 times is limited and one dimensional.

True acceptance starts with the self and unconditional love is a gift you give yourself, for yourself, for your sake, happiness, peace of mind and a gift you grant others as an acknowledgement of acceptance.

Forgiveness. I forgive in order to freely unbound myself and release the burdens of oppressions stopping the flow of blessings and hindering me from embracing my excellence.

Written by me, D.S.B.S. Rhapsody aka Rhapsody Phoenix. These are my words, my take on lessons of being © all rights reserved.



  1. Great list. I'm still working on a few of these myself.

    1. Blessings....
      Each in its own time. As you get older, if you are inclined to do some inner searching to tend to find that there are some things you must not pick up. In essence you learn to choose your battles.

  2. Well done, Rhapsody. I think these all, or mostly all, are in my own list. :-)

    1. Thank you.
      As you grow you learn the value an importance of things. as such you don't expend so much energy on petty things.

  3. Who would not agree with this comprehensive list of yours.Most are essential if one wishes to lead a peaceful and happy life.
    I like the line 'the'sound of nothing brings forth many things.

  4. Amen!!!!!!! You are speaking all of my mind sister. You really are. I just don't care about things that don't add to me or make me happy

    1. That's a good start. Keep going and learning about yourself and your value.

  5. I agree TOTALLY with every word! I am right there with you on this. It's POWERFUL and very well presented. You have put into writing exactly what I think and feel about aging. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    I just came by to check on you and to wish you a wonderful weekend.

    1. I did have a great weekend. My eldest had a birthday and we had a small and joyful celebration.

      Thank you.

  6. I like your thoughts on forgiveness and acceptance

  7. Yes just about sums it up Rhapsody, great words and so true.

    Have a great and peaceful week.
    Sheila x

  8. A few of these look very familiar(lol), and you've come up with some that are very, very true and relatable! Hugs...

    1. hmmmm, life has a way of making lessons stick.
      thank you.
      Hugs back atcha

  9. My own relationship with my daily life I feel like in the old.
    I get the more I'am drawn to the basic things in my daily life.
    Have a nice days!

    1. Yes once you have grown you learn the value in simplicity

  10. Beautifully said. I have found out much of the same in the last few years. I just turned 40 and I gotta say, I am loving my 40s already. There is such an acceptance that comes (for me) at this age. I am who I am. Take it or leave it. And I feel like I can accept other people, despite our differences, much more than I used to.

    1. Yes you certainly learn the fine art of choosing your battles, picking your arguments and where and whom to share your time.

  11. This is an incredible list... I have learned so many of these with aging as well, it's kind of freeing. I sometimes wonder what took me so long but it all comes with time and we all take different paths... less judging is truly needed ... more love xox

    1. Yes there is absolute freedom in learning to let go, be decisive about what and who you engage with. Some things do take times. Lessons only gets learnt when our minds and hearts are ready to learn, take it in and implement.


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