Oct 22, 2016


Like the trees we must learn to be transformative and transform ourselves in order to navigate different/challenging situations. Life at times will requires us to shift and access diverse aspects of our selves/personalities in order to appropriately deal with what is to come. Every living thing is life does it. Below the trees are showing off their colors preparing, eventually shedding their leaves before leaving for the winter season.


  1. Lovely and uplifting post ... Lots of food 4 thought Thanks 4 sharing ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  2. This is a true and strong message. Yes, life does force you to meet its challenges and transform in order to adapt and cope. It's not always easy.

    1. No one ever promised easy. Easy often mean we don't take it seriously and give less value to the lesson.

  3. We can learn a lot from nature. Have a great weekend.

  4. Learnt a lot from this.thanks for sharing

  5. Learnt a lot from this.thanks for sharing


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