Jul 30, 2016

8 Drama–Sometimes your neighbour’s drama ends up being your drama

Comic book door knocking
4:26 am there is a banging coming from somewhere in the building I had just gotten up for a bathroom run with all intention of going right back to sleep, ha, what a joke. The fool whoever he was kept that noise up till 5:25 am. He went from banging to slamming, to kicking, to knocking, to what sounded like full body throws against the door. The way my building is set up sounds carry through. Finally in what must have been desperation the man went into pleading, calling her name which to my ear wasn’t comprehensible followed by, “honey, please, let me in, honey, open the door.” I texted the Super just before 5am but by 5:25 am I just about had enough. I got out of bed, pulled up my blinds and shouted, “If you don’t stop that incessant banging I will call the police!” it was like a take a ghetto take from one of those movies in the hood. I laugh to myself thinking, ‘woman, you couldn’t just call the Super?’ The end result, it worked, he stopped banging and pleading, only now, I can’t sleep.
*Sigh – Sometimes you do not always have the luxury of not getting involved, instead you are involuntary pulled into someone’s drama that in the subtext has nothing to do with you yet it impacts due to proximity.
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