Aug 7, 2016

21 As I am

---This week’s willful reminder---
I Am Enough As I am
Red heart
“If you figure out what perfectness look like, taste like, feel like, live like, walk like, talk like, smile like, survive like, love like, forgive like, give like, take like and what is required to achieve it, maintain it and sustain it, let me know, till then I’ll remain As I Am, a imperfectly imperfect work in progress learning from my mistakes and from those of whom I am blessed to be privy too, consciously and mindfully applying the lessons to my continuing journey through life as I move forward.”
Written by D.S.B.Rhapsody 2010 © all rights reserved


  1. Is there anyone perfect? I am a WIP too.

  2. I can figure out that these words came out of your emotion. Even I don't think I'm perfect and not sure whether,one day,I would be. I guess,its rather difficult to define what's perfect and what's not. Moreover,If everything is perfect then there's not much a joy in this world. The thrill lies in struggling to move from Imperfect to Perfect.

  3. I am thinking that perfect is not the right thing for us to reach for, but rather better. Yes, I would be happy with each day being better. And tomorrow I will try again.


  4. Hi DSB:)

    I agree with you that no one is perfect.Even the best things that we do with due care and diligence are bound to be imperfect in some respects.

    The only perfect things are the ones created by God.The sun,moon,wind,stars,nature, clouds,snow,rain etc.We are not perfect and we have to accept it.

    Our imperfections make our life worth living because we learn from our defects,mistakes,errors,wrong doings,misbehaviour,pettiness,anger,lust,greed,gluttony,envy and so on.

    It is great to see you coming up with such amazing thoughts.

    Have a wonderful day DSB:)

  5. I love reading and I must say I came across the most interesting blog...your blog is really unique.


  6. Hi

    That was marvelous stuff! Being perfect is no fun - its like being prim & proper & correct. You must be imperfect, unconventional, different in order to be creative - do what your heart tells you rather than doing what is considered correct and perfect !


  7. I was just thinking this morning what a wonderful "Perfect Father" we have in our God. There is probably nothing more important than knowing Him personally as Daddy.As we know, the role of father, is greatly lacking in society. This morning I was reading about a prison that offered free Mother’s Day greeting cards for inmates to send to their mom‘s. Almost all the prisoners responded to the offer. Over 500 inmates mailed their free cards with free postage.Impressed with the success . The prison decided to offer this same project for Father’s Day. The result??? Not one inmate requested a Father’s Day card.Thankfully, there is still hope. When we know God personally as our Father we are adopted into His family.Have a nice weekend…Greg

  8. To which I can only add…….AMEN!

  9. hello Fabulicious,, thank you for the message, you made me think, anyway does perfection exist? isnt it an illusion, especially when we try to compare ourselves to others? everyone is perfectly unique :)stay blessed.Di.

  10. Good afternoon…Thank you! You helped me answers some more questions.Have a nice evening…

  11. Ok, my sunday school answer Jesus Christ. But, I think you know that already! Aside from His Perfection there is none on this side of eternity and so, I trust in his grace. Caution: work in progress! Travel may be rough.j

  12. Well the bacon I just had at breakfast tasted perfect, the nature I see and photograph looks perfect at times.Other than that I am working on the rest, one step at a time.Leave it to you to come up with a list like that, nice…That is a big list, a very big list. No time to waste eh?Hugs from Alaska

  13. I also agree with Greg and I like the way he expressed himself.I will use your wise words Greg, " Just listen and be teachable". I needed to hear something like that so badly and It came at the right time.Happy Valentine’s day to all of youGod bless your familiesMarina

  14. This message is so important... we really are enough as is... we need to love ourselves, having differences only make us unique and all that much better xox

  15. Awesome photo and very good words for the wise. We all need to remember that, but it is so easy to forget that, isn't it? Hugs-erika

    1. It can be and it can be the opposite as well - easy to remember

  16. You do have a way with words. This powerful, as usual...and so so true. I like how you said this, I love it!

    1. Thank you Dellgirl.
      I trust all is well with you?


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