Jun 26, 2016

16 What’s on my mind - In this moment……

In this moment

On my mind, is

A quiet murmur

That Circulates

Noting elaborate

It just echoes through self-examination

Nothing judgemental,

Just a simple training of thought that continually whispers…...

Protect your mind

Filter what goes in

Examine what’s there

Do some pruning

Weed out that which is toxic

That which chokes excellence

Leave no room for the seeds of doubt

Do NOT let doubt bloom,

Do NOT give doubt fertile soil to germinate, take root

Protect your mind

Let that which inspires, motivates and validates your best self be the fertilizer that nourishes your being.

In this moment

That’s what’s on my mind.



D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All rights reserved

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