Jan 10, 2016


Rape-aXe aka  RapexAnti rape condom for women.
Question: Did you know that a female condom was invented to catch rapist and give women an opportunity to escape their rapist?

I love to read and every so often I search for articles of interest. You know what “they” say (don’t know who “they” are) no news is old news. In that spirit I am sharing what I consider relevant news on a article or about Rape-aXe aka Rapex. 

Rape-aXe aka  Rapexis an Anti rape condom for women designed by Dr. Sonnet Ehlers to help stop/reduce the pandemic incidences of rape, a deterrent to rapists, to seek justice for rape survivors . The Rapex condom is worn like a tampon. It has teeth lining the inside of the condom that hooks on and bites into the penis and stays embedded. If the man tries to remove the rapex condom himself he will literally shred his penis. The rapex condom can only be removed surgically, hence presenting a chance to catch the rape perpetrator. Now some of you might be say “what the hell?” “That is barbaric!” and be outraged and horrified.

Me, I say yes! Yes! Yes! And hell to the YES to the 100th power yes! RAPE is beyond BARBARIC and its impact is devastatingly horrifying on every level (physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually) not to mention the residual impact on families. Viewed singularly the rapex condom might be deemed by some as extreme. I say no, not if you put it in context, let’s look at the big picture. According to Nation Master Crime Statistics, South African is ranked first for rapes per capita.  A staggering 500, 000 rape cases per year were reported according to www.irinnews.org in an article called SOUTH AFRICA: One in four men rape (must read). That is 1,370 cases a day! A day, Sweet father Jesus, a day; I mean if you want to get mathematically technical its 1,369.863 but that’s just splitting hairs, either way the number is astronomically ridiculous and horrifying and it speaks volumes of the prevalence of sexual violence of pandemic proportions. I mean it is estimated that a woman/girl is raped every 26 seconds! Are you F****** kidding me?

What the hell are the governments, politicians, policy makers and police in South Africa doing or not doing that rape is normalized to the degree that it has become a culture. A rape culture that produces a proliferation of rapists - men and boys who believe that RAPE is normal, that rape is a rite of passage, that RAPPING women/girls is fun? Again, are you F****** kidding me? After reading Africahttp://news.bbc.co.uk/furniture/nothing.gif South Africa's rape shock on BBC news network online I incline to believe I am living in an alternate universe. Somebody wake me up quick because am choking on this shit. I mean, what kind of nightmare world are we living in?

I fully understand Ehlers motivation behind creating Rape-aXe aka  Rapex the female condom because this is pure madness. Seriously one no longer has to wonder why HIV/AIDs are ravishing young girls and women because their bodies are the battleground on which the war is fought and oppression and psychic torture is sewn. God help us all. I hope Rape-aXe aka Rapex was marketed and produced and is readily available to all women and girls in any country where rape is the norm.

If you have any updated info on Rape-aXe aka Rapex let me know via your comment.

Join the fight on violence against women.

*1 in 3 women across the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime, that’s ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS


photos from online I billion campaign
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