Dec 30, 2015


Life at times can be a comedy show, I cannot tell you how many times I crack up laughing at some weird or sobering, very real experiences.

Public Washrooms: 
Using a public bathroom and your lower half is bent over the toilet blow fully exposed so you don’t soil your panties with pee while you try to roll out the toilet paper that continues to break every time you pull; Then when you think you finally got a rhythm going it breaks again, only this time the end is way up where you cannot reach. Each attempt to grab hold of the end to pull is unsuccessful no matter how much you try rolling fast/slow, back and forth in hopes that it will unravel. Derriere in the air trying to shake dry simply isn’t dignifying however quite hilarious. The only saving grace in those experiences is that I had no witnesses. What I’ve learnt – to always have my own tissues/toilet paper just in case.  Can you relate?

During a particularly intimate love session your vagina starts farting and you are so shocked and embarrassed that you pretend you don’t hear it and your partner trying to be gracious pretends he doesn’t hear it either but then it becomes so obvious that you both collapse in hysterical laughter. What I’ve learnt – (2 things) 1. Vaginal farts are normal and are just the expulsion of air from the vagina that sometimes occurs during sex and 2. Don’t take everything so seriously.

Spontaneous Involuntary bodily functions: 
So you are out in public with the family having a good time and something you are holding falls, not a big deal right, you just pick it up! Yah well not so simple, one family member which shall go unnamed to save myself, graciously offered to pick up the item in question. The person bent to pick the item and out came a big fart followed by the funk. She jumped up quickly item in hands clutched to her chest, eyes wide with surprise. She looked left, right, behind her and then at me as I attempted to keep a straight face and not acknowledge what I heard or what I smelt. I said thank you with tight lips biting the inside of my cheeks to hold in my laughter as a couple of men passed by with their noses scrunched up. She gave me the evil eye. I said nothing. My face showed nothing until of course we were away from the vicinity then I doubled over in hysterics. She was not impressed and was angry all the way home. I couldn’t look at her because I would start laughing all over again. What I’ve learnt – try, try, try very very hard not to laugh at your family embarrassing moments unless they laugh first because you got to live with them!

Mindfulness Thought: 
Laughter is good for the soul; it's cleansing, it releases stress, endorphins and keeps the blood circulating. Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t take everything in life too seriously. 

Learn to laugh with all your being.
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