Nov 20, 2015

14 Dealing with Betrayal

Angelica - Spanish LI (2)“Betrayal is the experience of being set up, violated and then being discarded. It is being used by someone who violates our dignity and then is unmoved by our pain.” –Dan B. Allender Ph.D, The Healing Path.

Wow, this is so true. I reread this at least 5 times because it just resonated so deep with me. I am too familiar with this experience. The feeling is horrendous.

Each of us has experience betrayal in our lives and will more than likely experience it in our futures, how we heal, take care of ourselves, our hearts and spirits and move on from those acts of duplicity is important to our growth and happiness. We need to find a healthy means of dealing with the pain and allow ourselves to grieve lost relationship(s), disappointment(s) and betrayal(s) and not get stuck in the anger, pain and rage. We need find healthy ways of working through trials and not fall into self-blaming and self-depreciation self-talk. We owe it to ourselves to teach to be our best selves for our self and learn to manage our expectations of others.

“Regardless of who is in your life to support and love you, your happiness is your responsibility; to forfeit that responsibility of self is to invite heartbreak and disappointment to take up residence in your spirit indefinitely.” –D.S.B.S.Rhapsody


Graffiti Art taken on the intersection of Bathurst & Queen in Toronto, Ontario Canada

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