Aug 2, 2015


If you allow yourself to become a point of stress. You will be the point of which everyone runs from.

run away frm stress

When old stresses are triggered, walk away.” --Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi from The Book Super Brain.



It is wise to understand the boundaries in your relationships so do not unknowingly do things to erode it or destroy it all together.

All relationships has boundaries, know  yours.


  1. Nobody likes stress or most people don't like stress.

    Have a stress free week.

    1. I certainly don't, as such I have learnt and continue to learn how to best honor myself, owning my shit and removing myself from those situations and circumstances.

      I will by managing and filtering that which comes my way.
      Have a blessed week yourself.

  2. Sometimes I am the cause and recipient of my stress at the same time... funny isn't it?

    1. hmmmmmm, as long as you are cognoscente of the ways in which you are the cause of stresses, then you can behave consciously and proactively on limiting and transforming those toxic producing behaviors. In regards to being on the receiving end of stresses, may you learn to manage stressful situations and walk away where ever necessary.

  3. I definitely needed to read this, I was stressed out majorly a month ago but once I learn to center myself out and calm myself out. I deal with it properly. I also eliminated people who weren't good in my life. Stress happens but I wont let it rule me. Great post! :)

    Please feel free to check out my latest post on my blog at

    Best regards.

    Miss Poetic Butterfly

    1. hmmmmm, glad you got something good from reading the post. Yeah it takes a bit sometimes to come out from under the cloud of stress. Happy to know you were able to find your center.

      I have visited, great post.

  4. A friend of mine once gave me some good advise 40 years ago. A lot of the time you are your own worst enemy.

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! and you need to hold yourself accountable and put a stop to the self-sabotage!

  5. I have recently learnt to filter relationships. If i get stressed being around you, I owe myself the simple truth that: I can't afford you. I'm still learning to tactfully take myself away from stressful situations

    P.S: You knoe i adore you. Thank you so much for totally checking up on me. I have included you very own special shout out in my post because you were actually the person who checked on me most after Duru. God bless you all round *kisses*

    1. Blessings Miss Toinlicious: Learning is the key, life is full of lessons if we pay attention and do the needful when necessary so i'd say you well on your way.

      Thank you. I went back and I saw your acknowledgement, appreciate the love.

  6. Just wonderful and thank you so much for your support


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