Aug 10, 2015



My bus pulled up by its designated stop and everyone boarded however instead of leaving the bus got up from his seat and went to the back where a passenger slept soundly. “Hey wake up, you’re Kennedy subway station, it’s time for you to get off.” Nothing, the guy didn’t move a limb. drunkThe driver tries again, “hey wake up; it’s time to get off.” The guy roused a bit and tried to stand. He promptly fell back down. He was drunk. He could not hold himself up. Perturbed with the wait some passengers attempted to help the bus driver rouse the man to no avail. The man didn’t budge. The bus driver put the bus out of service. We were all asked to leave. Everyone left begrudgingly with collectively groans on their lips. The next bus would be a 28 minute wait. Back on the bus platform passengers argued (myself included) that the driver could have simply left the man to sleep it off since he didn’t harassing anyone.

As we watched the said to us, “I’ll be back, I need to take care of this” and drove off. He parked the bus on the opposite side where the other buses were and went back to the task of rousing the inebriated young man. Eyes fixed to the parked bus I saw that he managed to successfully get the man off the bus. The man staggered. The driver stayed close as the young man swayed dangerously. Once confident the man is somewhat steady on his feet the driver walked away, put the bus in drive and made his way back to us.

While the driver made his way around to us, we observed the man trying to walk to the platform out of the bus pathway. He walked side to side in a wobbly bobbing fashion. We all collectively held our breaths silently praying he won’t fall. He weaved. He stopped to get his bearings. He threw an item from his right hand onto the platform and spread his arms wide to balance himself. He focused intently, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other. His ungainly wager staggered precariously. Passengers whisper, “he is not going to make it,” “oh my goodness he is going to fall,” “he’ll make it, he make it, he’s using his arms to steady himself.” As we watched, he lifted his foot to step up on the platform and missed. He swayed back dangerously. A few people gasp loudly, while others like me held our breaths silently. He tried again to put his foot up onto the platform and managed to get his one foot on then the other. We all sighed in relieve. The bus pulled up and we all boarded happily although some still complained that the driver could have just left the man to sleep it off and sober up.


I just got off the bus and made it across the street when I heard a loud crash and thunderous slam. I looked around hand to my chest and saw a brand new shiny white car slammed into a black –what look like an SUV?

SAM_5600 SAM_5601The driver in the black SUV came out cussing, “you hit my fuc*ing car, what the fuc*,” who told you to fuc*ing go ahead?” “Look what the fuc* you did,” “you better not fuc*ing move,” “stay right fuc*ing here.” The woman tried to explain that she was just moving out of the line of traffic while his wife tries to calm him down. He gets on his cell phone and calls his dad roaring, “this fuc*ing woman just hit my fuc*ing car and I don’t know what to fuc*ing do,” “what do I fuc*ing do?” “Tell me what to fuc*ing do.” While all of this is going on I pull out my little bitty camera snapping photos like am the damn paparatti. The man continued to cuss while the woman in the car with her 3 children tries to speak calmly, telling him she had to move her car from blocking traffic. She again explained that she was just going to the side.  He starts cussing again, “you not going no fuc*ing where,” “you not moving your fuc*ing car.” At this point his wife came up to me talking and I ask her to ask her husband to stop screaming and cussing because he is intimidating the woman and scaring her little children in the car. She tried to calm him down, it didn’t work until I said to him, “she cannot go anywhere, your wife has her license plate in her hand and she is just parked to the side. SAM_5602

He stopped cussing. The same time the woman exited her car with her 3 small children, walked up to the man and said, “I will be right back, I am going to carry my children inside and I will be back to speak to you.” He was ready to start cussing again and I said to him calmly, “she said she will be back, she does not want the children frightened, she is going to carry them in the house and will be back to deal with the situation. He finally seem to calm down somewhat and I left.

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