Sep 5, 2014

24 Be Humble, Be Thankful, Be Still

SAM_5235When you’ve had a rough day

And you are feeling down

Because it feels like nothing has gone right,

That whatever could go wrong has gone wrong.SAM_5065

Be still.

Look up,

Let go….

And breathe,

Take a breath,

Take two,

Let go….

Accept the things you cannot change (you don’t haveclouds at falling light to like it)

Just accept,

Be humble,

Be thankful,

For each breath

For the ability to see (even to bitch and mourn and complain)

SAM_5222For the right here,

For the right now,

For this moment of stillness.

Take the time to …

Enjoy it

To take in the kaleidoscope of Moonlight & Artificial light in Choruscolors above you (yes, even the gray)

The array of clouds,

The marvel of…

The sunlight,

The moonlight,

The starlight

All greeting you unprejudicely

Embracing you blazing sunset (3)with open arms,

No judgments

No condemnation

Just peace ….

Just Acceptance


Take it all in

Capture the jewelled moment

And know

You are more that a bad Cloudy Day in Junemoment

You are more than the sum total of bad moments

You are blessed,

 in spite of all that has happened

you are, a blessing

And let it all be a reminder that….

Even on the worst days

The dark days,

The murky days,

The turbulent days,

Beauty can be found,

And it surrounds.



 D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved


  1. Replies
    1. Namaste, you are welcome and thank you kindly for coming and the complement.

  2. Apt. I love it. We tend to take things for granted and wallow in our downtimes too much

    1. Yes we do, it is one of the great human flaws......

  3. So very true . Beauty is around us and within us we just often need to change our perspective in order to see it. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes, at times we are so saturated in our sorrows we don't see beyond the walls of it to beauty that speaks of hope and possibilities.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love them all! You posted this on my birthday, what a beautiful coincidence. Love it! Uniquely different with Fredilia

  5. Your blog has this serenity about it, maybe it's the design. I like it! Nature is truly beautiful! I miss watching the sunset and the stars. I used to do that as a kid with my grandpa. Life happens so fast. Uniquely different with Fredilia

    1. Thank you....
      Its not to late to begin again, for me, it always puts things in order, when you look up, and pay attention you realize you are part of a whole and you are connecting on some level with all. Imagine no matter where you are in the world when you look up we are seeing the same things albeit from a different position.

  6. It takes a grateful heart to be still and appreciate everything that makes us what we are. Humility is a virtue that we should all crave

    1. It so does and yes Humility is a quality we should cultivate.

  7. The suns total of bad moment ,In spite of all that has happened!
    Even on the words days the dark days,But Beauty can be found And if surroinds,
    Do I wrong writing of yours too? Acccept not alright my idea....
    We has raining all the time I has been NO Good with my idea of golf !

    1. There is beauty in every moment, even the bad ones. Whether or not we see it depends on where we are within ourselves.

  8. Every word is true Rhapsody , do we spend too much time wollowing in those bad times maybe we do. Just look around and you will see something to Love and breath a sigh of thank fullness.
    Many thanks for this post
    Hugs Sheila x

    1. Yes at times we are too good at wallowing and lamenting instead of balancing it out with gratitude and grace.

  9. I like the photographs. I find the pictures of the sky and clouds interesting. Will be looking forward to more of such wonderful photographs.

    1. Blessings Ellen, its been a while, lovely to read from you.
      Check out the right side bar under PHOTO ALBUMS you will see lots of my photos there.

  10. Your photos are beautiful and your words are true. It is sometimes hard to remember them though when you become mired in the sadness.

    1. Thank you.
      Yes remembering is a challenge and as human beings we will falter ever so often, the key though is getting back up and honoring ourselves and others.

  11. Such a nice array of sky shots and a great message as well.


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