Sep 5, 2014

24 Be Humble, Be Thankful, Be Still

SAM_5235When you’ve had a rough day

And you are feeling down

Because it feels like nothing has gone right,

That whatever could go wrong has gone wrong.SAM_5065

Be still.

Look up,

Let go….

And breathe,

Take a breath,

Take two,

Let go….

Accept the things you cannot change (you don’t haveclouds at falling light to like it)

Just accept,

Be humble,

Be thankful,

For each breath

For the ability to see (even to bitch and mourn and complain)

SAM_5222For the right here,

For the right now,

For this moment of stillness.

Take the time to …

Enjoy it

To take in the kaleidoscope of Moonlight & Artificial light in Choruscolors above you (yes, even the gray)

The array of clouds,

The marvel of…

The sunlight,

The moonlight,

The starlight

All greeting you unprejudicely

Embracing you blazing sunset (3)with open arms,

No judgments

No condemnation

Just peace ….

Just Acceptance


Take it all in

Capture the jewelled moment

And know

You are more that a bad Cloudy Day in Junemoment

You are more than the sum total of bad moments

You are blessed,

 in spite of all that has happened

you are, a blessing

And let it all be a reminder that….

Even on the worst days

The dark days,

The murky days,

The turbulent days,

Beauty can be found,

And it surrounds.



 D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved

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