Sep 1, 2014

6 Be open, Be flexible, Be prepared


Life is unpredictable, it is beautiful, it is messy and it can rock your world for the better or for the worst on any given day without your consent.

It is for that reason I realize my grandmother use to say, “Listen here girl”..."Do not put all your eggs in one basket."

In other words, be open... exploring other possibilities creating alternatives understanding that there are different paths to attaining the same goal(s) recognizing opportunities being willing to do the work to achieve the goals utilizing opportunities enabling continual growth, inspiration, motivation and satisfaction being flexible (nothing is guaranteed, the wise learn how to flex, shift and accommodate change)

…that you are designed to more than one purpose

... Hopeful not entitled,

... Joyful not mournful,

...Enjoy life


 …Manage your expectations

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  1. As of recent, I've been learning how to be open with a few things in my life. Thanks for sharing this piece.

    1. Ah marvelous, the key is you are learning, which means you are open hence you can only triumph.

      stay blessed.

  2. This post is on point...everyday I learn to always keep an open mind.

    Have a beautiful month of september

    1. Yes we often have to remind ourselves or surround ourselves with people who will get us grounded and reminds us to remain open.

  3. Yeah! I agree but about the ¨Not putting eggs in one basket¨ I kinda have a reservation, but just depending on the perspective you're coming from.

    Wrote about that here: a while ago.

    Blessings :)

    1. hmmmmmm....reservation, well that's OK it shows that you are a thinker and analyzing the this and that of things. I shall stop by to read on the subject ...


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