Nov 11, 2013

6 Veterans – Remembrance Day

Thank you
To all who served, to all who are serving
Your choice, your sacrifice, your commitment,
Has enabled me to know peace. to you, to your families who have endured. Thank you.

The arrival of the 369th black infantry regiment in New York after the first world war. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

George A. Borden
The bugle called and forth we went
To serve the crown our backs far bent,
And build what ere that must be done;
But ne’re to fire an angry gun
No heroes we no nay not one.
With deep lament we did our job
Despite the shame our manhood robbed.
We built and fixed and fixed again,
To prove our worth as proud black men
And hasten sure the Kaiser’s end.
From Scotia port to Seaford Square
Across to France the conflict there,
At Ville La Joux and Place Peronne
For God and King to right the wrong –
The number two six hundred strong.
Stripped to the waist and sweated chest
Mid-day’s reprieve much needed rest.
We dug and hauled and lifted high
From trenches deep toward the sky –
Non-fighting troops and yet we die
The peace restored the battle won
Black sweat and toil had beat the Hun.
Black blood was spilled black bodies maimed
For medals brave no black was named,
Yet proud were we our pride unshamed.
But time will bring forth other wars,
Then give to us more daring chores
That we might prove our courage strong
Preserve the right repel the wrong,
And proud we’ll sing the battle song.
©Copyright pre-2000 by George A. Borden
Author’s Note: In reference to WWI All Black Battalion

The poem "THE BLACK SOLDIER’S LAMENT" was found on the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives please visit and learn more

Photo of the 369th black infantry regiment was taken from an article by THE GUARDIAN. click to learn more.


  1. My gratitude and appreciation to all Veterans! Thank you for your willingness to serve our beloved country and for the sacrifices that you made for our freedom.

    1. Amen
      Too all the forgotten ones whose sacrifice went unnoticed and unappreciated.

  2. This is so beautiful, so poignant.. Such suffering and bravery that haven't been recognized enough.

    1. many died, suffered, endured and didn't even get acknowledged because of the color of their skin. Shame, I wish them to know, they are remembered, they are revered and they are honored. THANK YOU!


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