Sep 8, 2013


SAM_3930Truth and lies are the inevitable backdrop to everyday life choices. Each day in some degree we are faced with this decision, to tell the truth or to lie. As human beings we are at times prone to making up excuses for one thing or another in order to save face or not face the consequences, for being late, not showing up, not keeping or following through on our promises and commitments. We bamboozle ourselves into believing the excuses (tall tales, i.e. lies) are for the benefit of the “other” person used in an effort to save their feelings, protect them from being hurt. These justifications, flawed as they may be can feel like lies are easier, less troublesome if you will than truth because however temporary it feels as though it allows for some breathing room, for one to move on without any consequences-at least for a little while..

The reality, because life is such a consummate teacher and unforgiving in its clarity, puts a whole new spin on that faulty reasoning and shines a spotlight on you and every crevice of the lie(s) told. I’ve found that in the long run, it is so much easier to tell the truth and deal with the stuff head on than it is to tell lies and be left in a state of perpetual waiting, unease,  waiting for the inevitable other shoe to drop having and having no control of time, place or circumstances under which all is revealed.

The truth is simple, though sometimes hard to tell because of what we may be feeling but essentially it is far less complicated. Lies on the other hand is a paved path of thorns building weary discomfort, sewing ditches of dread and brewing a healthy dose of bottomless discontent that saps away at your happy. It’s like the futile chase of a dog chasing its tail in an effort to catch it.

Lies can fly off the tongue easily if you are not mindful (due to self-preservation) in high stress situations when one is put on the spot and asks to give an immediate account, in the long run however it requires more work, because like the dandelion flower/weed it re-germinates and keeps coming back requiring explanation, that you remember the time, place, situation, event, context, plus the who, what, when, where, why in order to readily recall the fantastical illusionary scenario you created, staged and plotted in the precise sequence because make no mistake the person or persons you told, remembers it explicitly and can recite it back to you.  Who needs all that stress? Not me that’s for damn sure.

When its all said and done, truth is just truth, it is unchanging, it may not be pretty, it may not make you feel comfortable when relaying it but it is, just what it is. There is no need for frills, editing or remembering. The truth simply is and no matter how you tell it, in what sequence you tell it or to whom you tell it, it remains the same. What can be hard and down right challenging to deal with when telling the truth, is facing the immediate consequences, sometimes that’s a good thing, at times not but that’s life right?


Lying seems easiest because it allows us to escape if only temporarily the reality of truth. Only trouble is, with lies once its exposed it comes with added consequences, burdens, baggage and drama which maybe have been avoided had one chosen to tell the truth in the beginning.


We are powerful being hence we help create our experiences based on how we think, reason, what we choose to say, not say, react, not react. Do what you must, you are grown and be prepared to deal and live with the consequences.


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