Jul 29, 2013


Life can change on a dime

You never know why yours will shift into a downward spiral

It is wise to bare this in mind whenever poised to judge and castrate

The homeless,

The hungry,

The destitute

The lost,

The forsaken,

Those struggling with mental health illness

We all got issues

Everybody's got a story

Life is seldom what you see at first glance

Life changes on a dime


Someone is born,

Someone dies,

Someone laughs,

Someone cries,

Someone gains prosperity,

While others drown in poverty

Loses affluence,

It’s euphoric,

It’s inconsolable

It’s incarcerated,

It’s freed

It’s discovered,

It’s obscured

It’s predictable

It’s random

Its opportunity

It’s the now

Its life

Live in the now

Nothing is promised


Life, changes on a dime

It goes on regardless of woes

Never skipping a beat as time marches on

Days...come and go

The sun continues to glow

The moon continues to show

Not pausing for a moment

As lives fall apart

Here today,

Gone tomorrow

No time to sit and wallow in sorrow

Live every moment

Don’t live in torment

Nothing is promised

Nothing is guaranteed

Soak up love and laughter like wild weed


Life, it changes on a dime

It’s wonderfully sublime

Seemingly perilously illogical in its continuum

As it marches with us, without us, on us, through us, beyond us

Cherish each moment as it carries us on its momentum

Even the ones you complain are insane

Learn to smile again and again

A remedy that’ll get us through the strain

Of its continual transformations

When we much prefer to stand still


D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©all rights reserved.

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