Aug 2, 2013


Mindless waste is a tragedy. Water-sustenance for life, many take it for granted because it comes so effortlessly in most homes in Canada, with a twist of the tap/faucet like magic water appears in abundance. It is the excessive waste of this precious resource that really churns my gut and edges my teeth at the seemingly Laissez-faire attitudes toward its preservation. Case in point:
On July 10, 2013 I noticed a water main break near an apartment complex in Scarborough Ontario. The water flowed like a river. Every day I passed by this apartment complex the water is flowing endlessly and my heart bleeds because I remember in the Islands (Trinidad & Tobago) having to carry water every single day, in the morning before school, in the evening after school and on the weekends. We had to carry water for drinking, for washing, for cooking and for bathing. It was not easy. I remember sometimes in school I could still feel the bucket of water on my head and would at time be afraid to bend my head thinking the bucket of water was still there and I would spill it. At times I could feel the strain in my hands and arms from carrying the buckets of water. Carrying water-a way of life synonymous with breathing for many people that most people born here have no concept of and it all makes me shake my head in sad wonder at the carless nonchalance that permits those in charge to drag their feet at fixing these water main ruptures without much thought of the preciously lost resource.   
Today is August 2nd, 23 more days since the break and today the 24th day is the first time I see the city attempting to repair the damage. 24 days rivers of water flowed from dusk till dawn to dusk again, 576 hours of continuous clean flowing water running in the streets and canals, only God knows the thousands of litres of water gone, what a waste, what  a crying shame. My heart weeps because I know somewhere around the world some little boys and girls, women and men are carrying water for their daily existence.
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