May 2, 2013

42 Somedays & Other days

Some days, I feel like I should say so much
Some days, I say too much
Some days, I don’t say enough
Other days, when nothing encroaches my spirit and zilch unencumbers me,
I am free.
I breathe a breath that fills me with glory
That lightens my soul and everything’s coming up roses
The world is filled with diamonds and pearls
Laughter soars up and through me tickling my toes and ruffling the hair on my head
And joy explodes lighting me from within
Eliminating the need to rant
To shout at struggles that at times froths like acid searing my lungs and throat
To screech at pains slices through my body privileged and without my consent
Demanding that I fold, surrender to its pressured cruelty
On these days
I am able to magnanimously glide by
Smiling triumphantly at the trials attempting to keep me on bended knee

D.S.B.Rhapsody - All rights reserved
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