Mar 23, 2013

22 Cooking Aphrodisiac & Shameless Undulation

lExplicit Observation – Some days I never know what you may encounter in my commute. One thing I can say is, its never boring. Don’t believe me? Read on……


After a long especially busy day at the office I walked tiredly to toward the streetcar stop a bit anxious. It was 6pm, not too late but cutting it close because I was scheduled to babysit my God sons.  A young Caucasian couple walked in from of me immersed in conversation. The woman was at least 2 feet shorter than the guy; she wore faded jeans and a navy blued puffy jacket with well worn shoes with laughing heels. She walked confidently as if she were not aware of the heels of her boot yawing open with each lift of her feet. As I reached the end of the street by the traffic light they stood beside me still in conversation. The woman then declare, “the strangest things happens to me when I cook, I love cooking, chopping up the vegetables, preparing the other ingredients while the pot is on the stove but I get so fucking horny.” I thought, ‘wow, ok, this is not a conversation I want to hear,’ but there was nowhere else to go but stand waiting for the lights to change. The man looked down at here and asked, “Seriously?” She laugh saying, “yeah, I don’t know why but I get so turned on and I just wanna fuck.” She turned left to see if anyone was in earshot and looked directly at me and blushed. I simply said to her, “well, maybe the solution to your dilemma is to have a specific kind of “company” when you cook to take care of that issue,” and crossed the street as the light changed, she laughingly announced, “now others know my secret ingredient when cooking.” I did not respond, I simply smiled and boarded the streetcar.


It seemed an evening a strange sexual voyeuristic expressions because no sooner had I escaped one encountered I was catapulted into another with yet another female exorcizing her wiles.

I boarded the packed streetcar and moved down as far as I could so that the other passengers could board. I stood directly beside an aboriginal couple perhaps Métis, I could move no further, neither to my right, left nor to the side. They were seated in a seat made for one, he was on the seat, she was in his lap, not an unusual thing to see as I have encountered the sight before, what was unusual was the woman’s behavior. While I have observed couples making out-kissing, hugging etc, this one just took it to another level. She was undulating in the man’s lap; she worked her hips in a circular movement while rising up and down pressing herself into the man while deep throating him in a long kiss. I thought to myself, ‘oh Lord, what is with this evening, people are just putting their sexuality on display, perhaps it’s a full moon.’  

As the streetcar made its way to the subway the woman continued her sensual assault on the man, his head was thrown back, his eyes half closed to slits, his mouth slightly opened as he took deep laboured breaths as the woman continue to undulate on him. She again kissed him deeply and the man in front of them with missing teeth, he too of aboriginal decent turned and asked, “hey, we gonna go to that place?” it was obvious by his slurred speech that he was drunk the woman lifted her head from the man she was kissing and groaned clearly peeved at the interruption her speech too slightly slurred and said, “can’t you give me 5 minutes, maybe two more as she turned back and continued kissing and undulating in the other man’s lap. The chastened man mumbled, “oh, sorry,” and turned away. The woman attention once again on the man in her arms pulled his head to her breast and said, “bite it,” he hesitated looking up and ask, “you sure?” irritated she shoved his head back to her breast and said, “bite it, do it now, bite it.” she began to groan “yes, yes, mmmmm, mmmm” and undulates some more. At this point the man head lean back on the window and closed his eyes in obvious bliss.  She bend her head, kissed him deeply and said, “am gonna break you.” As if that wasn’t shocking enough she puts her hand in her clothes and pulls out her breast then shoves his head down and said, “suck it.” The man obliged. Thankfully the streetcar arrived at the subway station. The man couldn’t get up, he leaned forward taking deep breaths while she smiled down at him. I just left the streetcar thinking, Lord have mercy.

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