Feb 23, 2013

34 Laughter – A Cat In The Hat Spin On Aging

Shifting through my email I found…A rhythmical spin on the “Cat in the Hat” nursery rhyme (Green Eggs & Ham) on aging, I got a real kick out of it so I thought I'd share;


I cannot see

I cannot pee

I cannot chew

I cannot screw

Oh my God what can I do?

My memory shrinks

My hearing stinks

No sense of smell

I look like hell

My mood is bad – can you tell?

My body’s drooping

Have trouble pooping

The golden years

Has come at last

The golden years

Can kiss my ass



Laughter is good for the soul, it keeps you vital and young at heart, find a reason to laugh everyday and pass the joy on to someone else. Do not allow drama and challenges ruin your whole day.

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