Feb 27, 2013

40 Love & Music, Love & Self

I am not an avid country song fan per se, however I am a lover of music and every so often I come across a song by a country artist that just hits the spot, speaks to me and resonates in my bones. Now am not talking about the old country standards some of which were downright depressing when singers crooned endlessly about how their dog died, their house burnt down, their wife left, they got audited by the IRS, got constipated and accidentally shot their selves in the toe and had to cut off the toe to save the foot because they were miles away from a medic or a hospital. Lordddd have mercy no.

I am talking about those songs with lyrics that parallel the human emotions, fears and insecurities that reach in and lift you. I was watching a rerun of one of my favorite shows “Touch by an Angel,” it was a follow up of a previous episode starring Wynonna Judd a grieving mother that lost her son (which I never get to watch until a couple days ago). The song “That’s what makes you strong”, was a tribute to her son. Now I know for those of you who listen to country music on a daily basis may say “that an old song” but for me, who is not inclined to deliberately listen to country music, it’s new. It was refreshing. I love music but I am way past listening to music simply for the beat, it has to mean something. If it’s not an instrumental then the lyrical content is important and every once in a while you get a good combination. This song has that magic combination at least to me, so I’d like to share it (lyrics) with you..


If you love somebody 
Then that means you need somebody 
And If you need somebody
That's what make you weak 
If you know your weak
Then you know need you someone 
Oh, it's a funny thing but 
That's what make you strong…….
That's what gives you power 
That's what lets the meek come sit beside the king 
That's what let's us smile in our final hour 
That's what moves our souls and 
That's what makes us sing 
To trust somebody
Is to be disappointed 
It's never what you wanted 
And it happens every time 
But if you’re the trusting kind 
This don't even cross your mind 
And Oh it's a funny thing but 
That's what make you strong……

So many of us are battered and bruised from loving and being loved inappropriately that we become fearful, afraid to show our weaknesses, our need to be loved and we retreat inside ourselves and become overly cautious, tentative about sharing ourselves and giving ourselves in fear of being singe by the fire. Let’s face it no one intentionally flies into a fire knowing they will get burnt but a life of endless solitude and isolation is hardly the alternative. Yes wisdom advises us to be cautious, wiser, mindful, more discerning by learning from our mistakes, shared and lived experiences however we must also be heedful to not go to the extreme and cut off our air supply by allowing ultra-alertness to stifle our spirits, deteriorate our instincts, impacting our hearts and atrophying our ability to love.

Mindfulness Thought:

Human beings did not come with instructions and there is no manual for detecting bull shit or deciphering malice agendas one of the key for learning/sharpening discernment is self-trust, to pay attention and listen to your gut instincts, to not  over simplify and not complicate matters that would allow you to override your natural intuition. Teach yourself to see things as they are and not as you would like/want them to be but AS THEY ARE! Know when it’s your stuff getting in the way/clouding the issue, the distinction is very important and will go a long way in saving you from undue heartache. 

Art-Diva “N” Key by Frank Morrison

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