Feb 17, 2013

39 The Never Ending Debate "Can a Woman do anything a Man Can"

My first reaction: roll my eyes in exasperation because it begs the question: “what does person’s ability and aptitude has to do with gender?” My second thought? ‘ who is the Einstein to assume that all women want to do what men can do?’
Biologically speaking there are definite differences that prevents some things, i.e. “a woman’s ability to carry & birth a child” and the innate functions that comes along with having a womb but that’s where it stops. The rest is about character, making up one’s own mind, setting one’s own standards, limits, boundaries, exploring one’s own limits and lighting one’s own Fire etcetera, etcetera, etcetera  but hey that’s just my prospective on the situation.
Some of course would passionately disagree with me, so what, you know what they say, “Opinions are likes assholes, and everybody got one”. It’s all good though, what is life without a good debate, especially one that gets the juices flowing, the mind racing and the blood speeding through the veins at lightening haste to match the passionate responses. 
Sometimes I enjoy playing wallflower...
Privy to a heated discussion on the incessant debate "Can a Woman do anything a Man Can", I listened avidly to the heated exchange as opinions ricocheted through the room. Revelling in the hills and valleys, the somewhat unexpected diversions prompted by what seemed like someone’s triggered memory due to an opinion which naturally propelled into a story of “I remembered when, or man you don’t know, or my wife use to” only to amazingly the conversation magically boomerang back to the topic into a tumultuous exchange.  People are quite animated when they are discussing something they are passionate about. It is fascinating to see, sometimes I don’t always want to participate but rather enjoy the roll of spectator.  This particular evening I was the spectator, watching, listening, and enjoying the different perspectives flying about the room.
…. A snippet of the debate
§  The men contends that there are some things a man can do that a woman cannot among which (wait for it) they used “standing up and peeing” as an example followed by “women should know there place” in the kitchen and not the work force in traditionally exclusive men’s work. The conclusion: “women should stop trying to be like men.” I waited with baited breath. I did not have to wait long.
§ While some women were quiet, the majority were not, those words were like throwing gasoline on fire for as the women raised their voices in the debate. Some stood arms akimbo as they content that, there is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot including peeing standing up. There were crued comments by some men asking for proof of women standing and peeing however they were cut off as the women further argued that if women were not employed or engaged in “jobs traditionally designated to men,” its simply because they elected to not do so and it is not a matter of gender  or incompetence but rather a matter of choice. To my listening delight the women  also told the men that they, “love being women and had no designs on appropriating men’s penises as they rather enjoyed it and preferred the penises where they were.” The room became silent. The men had no rebuttal.  I just laughed to myself and left my place of observation.
 What do you think?
1.       Do you agree that there are some things men can do that a women cannot?
2.       If you agree, what kinds of things do you think men can do that women cannot?
3.       Is it as the women stated, simply a matter of choice and not gender?
Feel free to express yourself. Let loose the fire...lol, lol, lol....lol
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