Mar 27, 2012


SAM_3187Yesterday morning 2 am my daughter gave me flowers with implicit instructions to take them to work and place them on my desk. They are “JUST BECAUSE”.

One of the traditions I created when raising my daughters was JUST BECAUSE presents. I gave them presents just because i wanted to. If they were on my mind, I saw something I wanted them to have I would get it. There were no special reasons, no birthdays, valentines days, Easter or any other special occasion. I never wanted to wait for some mandated holiday in order to let them know they were special to me. Presents ranged from the smallest of things, a special eraser, a sketch pad, special pencils for them to draw, to spontaneous picnics, movies, to performances at the theatre.  They were always excited when i called and told them I was coming home with a surprise for them and the guessing game would begin.  They waited eagerly at the door for me to arrive and besiege me with questions of “where is it, what is it, can i see it?”

Yesterday was my surprise. My eldest daughter called me around 1:30 am, “hey ma, you up, great, I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh really, am watching the Hunger Games.”

“Moooom, I didn’t ask you what you were watching I just want you to stay up.”

“Of course that’s why I told you am watching the HUNGER GAMES.”

“Ok, am on the bus, I’ll be there soon.” She comes in at 2 am, her arms laden with flowers. “This is for you.” I smiled and said thank you, I didn’t ask what they were for. I knew, its JUST BECAUSE.

So on my desk they sit proudly. Thank you daughter o mine. Much appreciate the appreciation.

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