Mar 27, 2012

8 Modern Conversation, Practicing The Art of Deceit, A little off Kilter

Using public transit is never boring. There is always a bevy of things to see,
hear, experience and witness.

These women are actually having a conversation with each other.
PRACTICING THE ART OF DECEIT – 1conversation_thumb10_thumb
Two young women of Asian decent stood beside me deep in conversation about fashion, college, work and their parents.
“Next week I have two early classes at 7:30 am, err, whyyyyyy, what about you?”
“Oh I have classes all week, none at 7:30 am though but I do have work every evening this week plus I am opening on Saturday and closing on Sunday.”
“Wow that’s a lot. I don’t know how you do it, all that work and classes too, you going to kill yourself.”
“Am use to it, besides I like having my money so I can do what I want and it keeps my parents off my back.”
“Yeah that’s true, you don’t have to explain to your parents what you want the money for, cause its your money.”
“I know right.”
“I am going to get a tattoo.”
“Ooh, really, I have two.”
“What! You’re lying.”
“No am not, I have two here and here, she said pointing to bikini area and her left side.”
“Does your parents know?”
“Are you crazy, no! You better not say anything, don’t even mention it to your mother because you know how they are. She would tell my mother and then my mom would tell dad, then they would want to ground me, lock me in my room, give me curfew. I don’t want that drama.”
“I won’t say anything. Last year I mentioned getting a tattoo to my parents and they acted as it they didn’t care, like it was not a big deal, so this year am going to get one.”
“Just please don’t say anything about mind or use the fact that I have to get your parents to say ok for you to have yours. My parents are just too much drama and they would want to control my life. That’s why I don’t tell them the truth. I just lie to them, it is easier that way.”
“I agree I do the same. I just tell them what they want to hear.”

They boarded the train deep in conversation. Two young teenage Caucasian girls,handbag_thumb8_thumb one armed with a Gap shopping bag (young shopper), the other with huge coffee latte concoction that she sipped loudly. They sat in unison. The young shopper opened her shopping bag and pulled out a multi-colour handbag with a long strap. Together she and her friend adjusted the strap. The friend stood up to measure the length of the bag to her height. Satisfied she handed back he newly purchased handbag back to the little shopper. they talked about the purchase and how she would prevent her mother from finding out about the purchase.
“So what you going to say about how you got the bag?”
“I don’t know, you like it?”
“Yeah its nice.”
“I know, I love it, I don’t know what am gonna say to my mom thought.” discarding the gap bag between train chairs she slung her new bag across her body. .”
“What else did you get?” Digging into the shopping bag they young shopper pulled out a pair of sheer nylons showing her friend.
“Ooh, that’s very sheer.” she says as the younger shopper rips the package to demonstrate to her friend just how sheer they nylon was as the friend ask. “So what you gonna tell your mother?”
“I don’t know.”
“Just tell her a friend gave it to you, plus you just wearing it across you so it looks like someone just gave it to you.”
“You think so?”
“But where am i going to hide the nylons, I gotta hide this from my mom.”
“Just put it in the secret pocket of the bag.”
“What secret pocket.”
“The secret pocket here,” says the friend said as she took the bag, found the hidden pocket, zipped it open and put the nylons inside patting the pocket to make sure stayed flat. “see, you don’t even notice anything, she will never find it.” The young shopper reached her stop (Victoria Subway). Her friend stood they hugged and said goodbye. As the door was closing the friend called to her, “Call when you get home and let me know how it goes.”
“Ok I will.”

After a particularly long day I boarded the train exhausted wishing my house was just one stop away so i could quickly make it home and sleep instead of the 50 min + commute. I dropped tiredly in a seat that holds three; to the left of me was a seat that holds two. In the corner of the two-seater sat a young man of African decent, late teens fiddling with his cell phone. I smiled politely- my silent hello. As the train took off I hear rumblings. I looked up and too my left. I took note though I was not alarmed. The grumbling happened off and on. I paid it no mind but then suddenly he viciously flung a newspaper on the floor of the train that landed just parallel to my feet. I thought to myself, ‘oh oh, I think perhaps its time to move. I moved as discreetly and as casually as possible.” I stood when the conductor announced the next stop, slowly walked down the train car pretending to search for the subway map. Once found I stayed there for a bit. I sat down and continued my journey to the end of the line .
The past couple of days has been cloudy. I missed my sunsets so I have separated my post and put my sunset up to compensate for missing the last two days of sunsets.


  1. Most teens do the deception thing to their parents. My own kinda deception when I was young wasn't about material stuffs cos I was content with what my parents gave me and my mum would sniff any foreign article in my possession out, if I ever try to hide it. My own kinda deception was about parties, cos I loved dancing.

    1. I think on some level we all did it. I guess its a matter of degree?

  2. It is never a good idea to be deceitful as it could turn right around and bite you on the a$$.

    The pictures are great.

    Have a good day!!

    1. that certainly is true isn't it. I have learnt that I am better off sticking with the truth, its much easier to remember!

  3. Ha! always observant. Like the sunset pictures, lovely.

    yes, the public place is never boring, just as our popular bus transportation called 'Molue' m-e-hn! in those days, there was never a dull would see from the weird to the hilarious people..#grinning#

    As for the young deceits, they would be caught one day eventually! Because lies always have a way of been found out! :D

    1. Life certainly can be interesting. well the truth only stay hidden for so long but then again that is what they are perhaps counting on. By the time of discovery happens they are probably on their own and it would be of little consequence.

  4. It's discouraging and quite alarming to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit these days. Shame on those girls. :) No one is perfect and deceit comes in many forms from bold-faced lies to making false promises... to flattery... to self -deception... etc. But honestly, I think the majority of us have been guilty at one time or another. :)


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