Feb 5, 2012

28 Hospital Scrubs - Street Wear? Disturbing Trend

Hey all, I hope life is treating all of you well. I want to put something forward that I have been noticing that is seating me a little uncomfortably for some feedback. It is a somewhat disturbing trend that has me wondering if it’s just me that have a problem with it, or is everyone ok with it, or perhaps am missing something?

I mean at this point I really have more questions than answers and with that in mind I am lounging my somewhat unsettle equilibrium on this issue for some constructive and fairly knowledgeable feedback.

The Trend?

  • Hospital staff, nurses; nurse’s aid etc wearing hospital scrubs as street wear. Is that hygienic?
  • Don’t these scrubs serve as infection control barriers? I mean I could be wrong and please if I am somebody enlighten me…but...
  • How can one be protected against infections if the people who care for the ailing wear their hospital scrubs on the streets?

Whatever happen to wearing your own clothes to work and then changing into scrubs?

Are people wearing these scrubs on the streets working in Operative Services, Labor and Delivery, Cardiac Cath Labs, Radiology, Obstetrical Services, Anaesthesia, Electrophysiology, Clinical Laboratory and Pathology? If so what are the implications for the prevention of infections?

How does this affect the people in the ICU's and specialty units?

I am asking because I am concerned and I haven’t talked about during the fall/winter season when its cold outside and the weather dictate we cover up and keep warm. I know that jackets, fleece, sweatshirts and sweaters have a high lint content and harbor bacteria so someone wearing hospital scrubs to work on a cold day and perhaps use any kind of these jackets to warm the body can actually be doing more harm than good.

Someone enlighten me on the subject please because am a bit baffled, what’s your take on this trend?

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