Jan 5, 2012

16 Pay More For Bad Service-TTC Toronto Transit System-

More money for bad service. TTC has raised it fares again, .10 cents, while this may not sound like much it adds up. Monthly pass is now $126.00 up $5.00 (Adult Fare) from last years $121.00. Seniors & Students is now $104.00. Now if its just you alone while challenging you manage by  readjusting your budget to accommodate the rate increase however if you are a household of 4 or more on a modest income your ass dark.


2 Adults = $252.00+2 children(students)=$ 208.00 total cost per month $460.00.

It gets worse when you start factoring in single mothers with more than 3 children with a less than adequate income. It would have been a small comfort if we were getting excellent services because it would have served as proof of where your hard earned dollars was going but unfortunately the services is so terrible with the incessant  delays that you feel robbed, penalized on a system that seem more interesting in depleting your bank account than providing any real service.

The transit services just continues to deteriorate rapidly. I know I am repeating myself because quite frankly it doesn’t seem like the money is going toward service improvements and repairs. The delays are so bad that I have to give myself an 1 hour and a half leeway for what is usually a 45 minute commute to work.

The proof is in the Delay Service Log I kept from September 27th to November 8th 2011 showing the amount of subway delays in that short time period. Can you imagine if I logged for a year? I would have a book.

TTC Delayed Report

click to make Delay Log larger

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