Dec 26, 2011

22 Leading Up to Christmas/Christmas

When it comes to Christmas I never get carried away, never the kind to buy into the commercialized madness I simply go about my day as usual. On the 21st I attended my jobs Christmas party. I left with two pretty cup cakes, one for my eldest daughter, one for my Godson’s mother. SAM_2959 SAM_2960

On Saturday I baked bread-whole wheat, oats, honey, molasses and whole wheat, oats, honey, molasses, almonds, peanuts and granola (mom’s requests she loves nuts and the like).

SAM_2962 SAM_2964 SAM_2966 SAM_2970 SAM_2972 SAM_2973

Gifts were for a selected few of two (my mother and my sister), my eldest daughter elected to have hers later because she has a specific request for a specific period which suited me just fine as money steadfastly refuse to grow on trees where I live. To my mother i gifted her with an sterling silver tanzanite and white topaz earring and chain/ pendant set and a silver cuff bracelet.  My sister gave me a thermos which i very much wanted, my mother gave me some under garments, a and a George foreman grill and my eldest daughter gifted me with a coconut spa set. All and all it was a pleasant Christmas.


  1. Beautiful bread Rhapsody! It looks delicious! I like nuts in my bread sometimes too. Wow! I have been known to bake my own bread too. I have an old recipe and like the round loafs although sometimes I'll use a loaf pan. While it's baking it smells wonderful. It takes all day but is well worth it. OMG when it first comes out of the oven....heaven!
    If you want something good to try, try my Christmmas Rice Pudding recipe I posted.
    Here comes the New Year already Rhapsody, are you ready? Take care.

  2. @Bekkie Sanchez yeah freshly baked bread are heavenly. Happy New Year!

  3. Yae! I'm so glad you got some nice gifts. We were very happy with our gifts. I guess we gave enough hints as to what we could really use. :-) Now on to the New Years.

  4. I am so glad that you had a Merry Christmas. Gifts mean a lot so it is better we restrict it to those who matter and give them what they want.. Hope your mother liked the bread that you had baked.. Compliments of the season and hope you have a wonderful new year!

  5. I can smell the bread baking and it smells wonderful! Happy New Year!

  6. You definitely had a great time. Those cakes look yummy. How can I get part of it?

  7. Do you know that my favorite food is BREAD? Lol. I just love bread, I really don't know why though. I've always loved it ever since I was young. I like all types of bread as well. The bread you baked looks delicious!

    The gift you got for your mother is very nice and thoughtful. I'm sure she loved it. My Christmas was spent at home with family and good food was involved as well! :)

  8. Your baking looks above par and fresh. I had a pretty good Christmas as I received things I wanted and placed smiles on my mom's, girlfriend and daughter's face.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  9. There's nothing more homey and comforting than the aroma of fresh baked bread. Your Christmas sounded quite sane. Merry bealted Christmas.

  10. The pictures of the baked products look great.
    You have celebrated Christmas prudently.Oflate it has become a giftcentric occasion.Good you limited to chosen few of the near and dear.

  11. @Kay Yes indeed the New Year is upon us.

  12. @*Sweetly Broken* i too love bread, luckily i can bake it myself since bread prices are so rediculously high. one loaf is $297 and up, too much if you ask me.

  13. @DonWonderful to read you had a great Christmas. Yes, the bread is indeed delicious

  14. @KParthasarathithank you, gift giving has to be within limits as i do not have what one will call disposal income to just throw around.

  15. @BostonBoyit certainly does smell up the whole house and intice the appetite.

  16. Good Tuesday Ms. Rhapsody,That is how I like Chrstmas too.

    In 2012 all will be well...


  17. Glad to know you had a great time and received some lovely presents. Got some nice presents too...namely cash, two books and a pair of shoes. Love them all.

    Love the look of that bread.

  18. A happy new year to you and great blessings in 2012, Rhapsody B.

  19. You must bake really well, those look great and I can just imagine the fragrance when they were cooking. Glad your Christmas went well.

    Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year in 2012.

    1. Yes I do and I am always in wonder how i can have just flower and a few ingredient and end up with loafs of bread, not to mention it saves me a lot as bread is almost 3.00 + a loaf.


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