Dec 26, 2011

22 Leading Up to Christmas/Christmas

When it comes to Christmas I never get carried away, never the kind to buy into the commercialized madness I simply go about my day as usual. On the 21st I attended my jobs Christmas party. I left with two pretty cup cakes, one for my eldest daughter, one for my Godson’s mother. SAM_2959 SAM_2960

On Saturday I baked bread-whole wheat, oats, honey, molasses and whole wheat, oats, honey, molasses, almonds, peanuts and granola (mom’s requests she loves nuts and the like).

SAM_2962 SAM_2964 SAM_2966 SAM_2970 SAM_2972 SAM_2973

Gifts were for a selected few of two (my mother and my sister), my eldest daughter elected to have hers later because she has a specific request for a specific period which suited me just fine as money steadfastly refuse to grow on trees where I live. To my mother i gifted her with an sterling silver tanzanite and white topaz earring and chain/ pendant set and a silver cuff bracelet.  My sister gave me a thermos which i very much wanted, my mother gave me some under garments, a and a George foreman grill and my eldest daughter gifted me with a coconut spa set. All and all it was a pleasant Christmas.

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