Dec 28, 2011

25 Get It Right

The best thing a "Man" has to offer is not between his legs, it is between his ears.

The rest is just icing on the cake so get it right and don't get it twisted.

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  1. Reminds me of an old joke;
    God came to Adam one day and said Adam I’ve got good news and bad news for you, which do you want first?
    Adma said oh please God I want the good news!
    God said, OK, I’ve decided to give you a brain and you know, one of those.
    Adam exclaimed, OH God thank you! Either one would be great but both, oh wow!
    But God, what could possibly be the bad news? Adam asked.
    God said, I’m only giving you enough blood to run one at a time.

    Have a great day miss Fab LOL

  2. I am laughing over Steves’s joke. I think your phrase is great!!

  3. Fab you are absolutely right about that…but there are some days when I don’t want either of us to be thinking of anything but what is between his legs and mine. Did I just say that? I guess I did (smile)

    Great Joke Steve.

  4. This applies for most, not all men! I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. The foolish things that they do really makes me wonder if there’s anything between their ears at all?!

  5. I have not shared either for awhile …
    I do agree with your comment however icing is delightfully sweet..
    Be Well

  6. "…Get it right, don’t get it twisted." AMEN! I wish our "Women" would get it right, so many are twisted right now… Thanks for sharing!

  7. Rhapsody,

    This was an interesting post! Glad to know that there are people around that do know some of us men have a brain and not just that thing that is located in another portion of our anatomy! Amen!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!


  8. AMEN!!! It is what is between the ears, that makes you want to stick around for what’s between the legs. Without meeting on a mental plane first, why bother with anything else, unless it be for just one night of fun. I’ll take brains anyday. Loved Steves comment.

  9. Yep…Let’s all start with our hearts and brains first.

    Have a wonderful week.


  10. simple but true, a brain in a man is so helpful. Thanks for checking in on me.

  11. This is right and not only man that for the woman too, but we are human sometimes go to the face first and so on…..
    Have a great weekend,

  12. WORD!!! "get it right and don't get it twisted" *putting on my ghetto face and snapping my fingers*

  13. I get this, wanting a man that listens, instead of just a man with bed skills will weed out bad once.

  14. True talk... Happy New year in advance

  15. So glad I dropped by. Loved your quote. The joke in the comments was good too. :-)

  16. Nice quote, I like the post. I'm just popping back in to see what's new and to say hi.

    Wishing you all the best in the coming New Year!

  17. Delightful quotation. Happy New Year to you & yours.

  18. Love your Quotation Happy New Year


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