Dec 31, 2011


If the content of your character is suspect, so are you.

The beautiful thing is…

it’s never too late to clean up your act,

So check yourself before your wreck yourself and wreak havoc on everybody else.


Mindfulness Thought


Character is developed, shaped and solidified by ones choices and acceptance of accountability and responsibility for errs in judgments with practiced follow-through in thought, word and deed.


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  1. Indeed it is, well said!

  2. This is pefect. Words to live by.

  3. hmmmmm,, now is that what the meant when they said grow up

  4. Greetings. I am pleased to make your acquaintance (again). Yesterday, I attended a gathering in honour of Marcus Garvey at the informally acclaimed Marcus Garvey Centre for Education and Learning. I was moved by the levels of discussions and conflict that stirred in the front vestibule. It was clear that there were questionable characters among us who persisted in their claims about Garvey being anti-separatist, however, it is the intensity and storminess of these debates that stir social progress by sorting through fictions about separatism to arrive at facts about Garvey’s theory on social progress that emphasized the need for racially oppressed peoples to rebuild lives, achieve success and reclaim their lands and rightful communities outside of white-supremacy. Though it is too soon tot align myself with this organization, I am pleased to witness the beginnings of character building strategies that are suspect for now because coming together in this way is relatively new.

  5. That’s some words of wisdom right there…
    We are in continual inward housecleaning our whole life. Another way to look at it is…"Always remain teachable."
    "Check yourself before you wreck yourself." …You know I am remembering that little phrase.
    Have a superb week…Greg

  6. Well said. Material possessions once lost can be recovered. Character once lost cannot be regained.

  7. Never too late to clean up your act…. that’s nice! :)

  8. Good thinking…..

    It is generally believed that ‘a good name is better than riches’.
    And while t is true that its never too late to clean up one’s disgraceful act, it is also trite that a deep-seated feeling of putting things right to lead to an onward good chracter is essential. In other words, cleaning up the act is not that important even though it is necessary, it is the actions that follow the cleaning up that is worth mentioning.

    trust you’re doing great……

  9. thats indeed thought provoking….it will make everyone to stop for a while to think if there is wreking is happning within…
    nice day

  10. True talk, no lie! I have nothing else to ad to that.
    As per the question on anyone leaving comments on my "I will never…", yes I had an idiot leave a nasty note about me "hating" on people with tattoos. But other than that noone else has left any comments.

    Have a great week girlie!

  11. We can always find something to work on in ourselves.

    At least I know I can and that is always a start.

  12. Happy New Year! It's always a good idea to focus on improving our character each year. I'm also working on my diet and exercise.

  13. Happy New Year to you and Your family.
    Best wishes for the continued great blogging of yours.


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