Sep 25, 2011

13 A tête-à-tête

If every time you’re engaged in conversation
the other party have nothing to say…
What’s the point?
A conversation is reciprocal,
A two-way dialogue jiving in synchronicity,
It should not be like watching grass grow
Or lying in wait for a hair follicle
A short mutually stimulated exchange
Is preferable to...
A lengthy discussion inflated by extensive bouts of abhorrent silence
Know when to say enough...
Be wise to the repugnant stillness of disinterest
D.S.B.Rhapsody© All rights reserved


  1. Hi Fabulicious… Thanks for stopping by. Yes, actually the new house that I wanted. I am working on it this days. Thanks for your concern and good wishes, good mindfulness thought. Have a nice week, Zeynep.

  2. Hello and thanks so much for stopping by.
    With regard to tête-à-tête….conversation at times requires the skill and foresight of engaging a person in conversation. The point I think is to gracefully stimulate conversation by artfully drawing on information at hand. Then again some people are extremely verbose and tend to talk at you rather than engage in conversation with you.
    Take care and I wish you a very good week and please do pop back soon.
    Last but not least…..very nice pictures.

  3. I hate to get in a conversation like that, it seems never ending.

  4. I really dislike the silence part, when neither person knows what to say....

  5. Short and true, the atmosphere is usually so awkward and i keep saying it takes alot of effort to be able to communicate because you can even both be conversing and neither one of you are receiving the right message you are trying to pass acros.

    Have a lovely week dear and Happy new month this week too...cheers

  6. so on point Rhapsody,its been a min since i last showed up here. Still welcoming Have a Blessed week :)

  7. I really don`t like such moments & whenever i find myself in 1,i just look for a escape route..Haven`t been here in a minute,nice to be back..Thank You for always checking up on me Rhapsody,Have a blessed Week :)

  8. @Beth I know what you mean, ackward becomes the elephant in the room.

    @deolascope yeah you want to run.

    @Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken Oh I hate those misunderstandings, it leaves you feeling frustrated.

    @DIDI Welcome back Darling. Escape is the order of the day when moments get so stale you stifle from the blahness.

  9. Rhapsody:

    I just passed the "One Lovely Blog Award" on to you. Please check my blog for more details. All the best!

  10. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  11. @The Relentless Builder Wow thank you so much for the award. I am honoured.

    @Kalyan Thank you so much, please come again. Have a great day

  12. hahahaha! i love this post! some people dnt know how to read a situation.. they can go on talking for days even when it's obvious no one is interested :(

  13. I'd rather not keeping talk to other and normally changing to another conversation...
    It mostly okay with my friends.


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