Sep 8, 2011


Let’s meet and talk
We met,
We talked,
You talked,
I listened,
Paid attention
To the reciprocal conversation
I learnt,
You’re married…
With children
And I understood.
You’re skulking away to see me
The respect falls away
Discarded like rotting meat
Putrid …
As you sing the old standard
We are together but not “together”
We live together like “friends”
(who has no name, no face)
“She” doesn't understand me
The more you talked
The less I listened
Distanced although am there
Already I mentally disappeared
Not about to be co-opted into an affair
I am worth too much to care
To hear…
As you declared
I want to see you again
As you questioned…
When will I see you again?
I smiled
Walking away
Knowing I will never see you again
I am my priority
Worthy of more than half measures
And blessed with the good sense
To …
Know it
Feel it
Understand it
And embrace it unapologetically
I smile knowing
I chose me
D.S.B Rhapsody © 2008/2009/2010/2011 
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