Sep 8, 2011


Let’s meet and talk
We met,
We talked,
You talked,
I listened,
Paid attention
To the reciprocal conversation
I learnt,
You’re married…
With children
And I understood.
You’re skulking away to see me
The respect falls away
Discarded like rotting meat
Putrid …
As you sing the old standard
We are together but not “together”
We live together like “friends”
(who has no name, no face)
“She” doesn't understand me
The more you talked
The less I listened
Distanced although am there
Already I mentally disappeared
Not about to be co-opted into an affair
I am worth too much to care
To hear…
As you declared
I want to see you again
As you questioned…
When will I see you again?
I smiled
Walking away
Knowing I will never see you again
I am my priority
Worthy of more than half measures
And blessed with the good sense
To …
Know it
Feel it
Understand it
And embrace it unapologetically
I smile knowing
I chose me
D.S.B Rhapsody © 2008/2009/2010/2011 


  1. Sorry I missed this one earlier.
    This is a great post as usual.

    Relationhips are often difficult when they need not be,
    Complicated when it’s not necessary,
    Intense when they should be more sensible
    late when they should have been more timely
    and sometimes hot…..
    when they should be cold.

    You be good girl,

  2. I really like your blogs, very intelligent and I always learn something. I feel you are a deep person and smart. You take care and bless you. Have a great week.

  3. You deserve only the BEST…never settle for less>>>and I already know you wouldn’t.
    Love & God Bless & keep You Safe,

  4. Hello dear friend. Your words are powerful and very meaningful… Love your attitude and your ability to love yourself enough to not settle and know that you are WORTH more…. Knowing who you are and what you are about speaks volumes about your love for yourself and your character. KUDDOS!!!!
    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words about my blog.. I hope you have a very blessed weekend.

    God bless you sweet friend.~HUGS~Marilyn~

  5. I echo the Wordsmith "I am worth too much to care or hear" – absolutely. I feel your pain and pray for your strength. Hold on to your humanity. God Bless you and Hotep.

  6. salutes!what can i say? emotions are often unruly are many times illogically—maybe thats why we need God to guide, to lead, to obey…

  7. Words from the heart.

    Have a nice weekend,


  8. wow, powerful words in this post, Fab!

  9. hello, fab, if you’ll forgive the abreviation. i just read your poem and it is very strong and meaningful. thank you for your comments and your new year greetings, which i return wholeheartedly. i’m sorry about the delay but i have been having pc problems. your comments always cheer me, my friend. good luck to you and yours. phil

  10. "I am worth too much to care or hear" – absolutely. Very meaningful set of words. Peace.

  11. Excellent job on this one!!

    I am so glad she walked away from him!

  12. @Beth Thanks Beth, sometimes the most challenging thing is walking away when you part of you would have liked to stay. Remember one's worth is the key to the strength to step and keep on stepping.

  13. Lovely... How often we chose the other and not ourselves!

  14. Well written, and I often echo your sentiments too. We often fail to realize that we deserve the best.

  15. @Meera Sundararajan Namaste, Women are so guilty of this mistake, choosing out of neediness that which is toxic to them.

    @Myne Whitman Thank you, it is a constant mantra we have to envoke everyday less we choose that which is detriment to our being.

  16. Wow! This is a great piece. So much said in just few words. I like that.

  17. Read twice to appreciate the words in the poem and the strong mind behind it.Knowing one's worth is a prerequsite in all human relationships.A lovely poem indeed.

  18. I thought that was lovely...great thoughts**

  19. Uhmn, so good. We women fall into this same trap a lot of times because we sometimes don't realise what we are truly worth

  20. I never meet you but your words are so meaningful and thank you for visit and leaving kind encourage comments.
    Our weather was back to winter time with cold rains & hail for the spring time but I really enjoy for selfishly relief from my bad hey-fevers:-)

  21. @deolascope, @9ja/foodie, and @blogoratti, thank you.

    @KParthasarathi, thanks, there is a noted difference between knowing ones worth and living by consistently advocating for oneself, sometimes we mimic the words but not live the meaning, this is one of the biggest challenges.

    @-@ilola,You can say that again.

    @ Michiko, You are welcome, there is nothing wrong with being selfish if it means staying healthy.

  22. i understand this poem!

    NO to extra-marital affair!..infidelity! the same old wife does not understand me.. blah, blah, blah...liked it...have a lovely weekend.

  23. Rhapsody, this is undoubtedly one of the best poems i've ever read on a blog :D
    girls thinking of giving their skanky exes a second chance need to read this! :D

  24. @kitkatstales Thank you so much, it is a hard lesson to learn but well worth the experience. Keeping it to the forefront of our daily lives saves us from making poor relationship decisions.


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