Jul 10, 2011

24 Stop Feeding The Pigeon–Part 3

The Final Outcome [PART1] [PART2]

no pigeons allowedI have been relaxed with a Cheshire cat smile plastered on my face. ‘I won the war’ I thought, albeit a bit battered and bruised, still I won the battle. I waited knowing it was only a matter of time before the winged pests swooped in cooing and attempt to walk across my balcony as is their custom in either the eastern or western directions to their nests as is their habit stealthy ignoring my frantic shoos, and shouts (go away!, get out!) as they made their way happily to their nested destination engrossed in deep pigeon conversation. I waited poised in anticipation. A few other birds swooped by and veered off at the last moment when they realized there is netting.

The Confrontation:

It took a few minutes but sure enough the winged vagabonds flew in attempting to do a swoop landing so they could walk across to either side of my balcony (my neighbours to the left and right of me) but was brought up short by the netting. I could see them. They both held precariously to the netting fighting to stay steady cooing to pigeons in conversationeach other as if to say ‘What the hell is this shit’. ‘Oh no she didn’t’ they seem to say looking at each other. As I stood observing they tilted their heads this way and that looking at each other and making sounds as if to figure out just how they can accomplish getting from point A to point B. I stepped out the door unto the balcony and joined the conversation saying, ‘I am sorry you will have to find another means of getting from here to there, my balcony ledge is no longer your thoroughfare.’ They looked at me and cooed as if to say ‘Up yours lady’ and being the generous spirit that I am, I smiled and stepped closer saying, ‘you’re welcome’ as they flew away. I cannot tell you what a relief it is. No more sticks, nests, incessant flutter, flutter, flutter, coo, coo, coo. It was money well spent even if it blew my budget. Just one of life’s unexpected demands that one occasionally must rise and attend to.

I Celebrate Anyway:

fireworksAs for the shit, well one would say that the pigeons won the war, while I they can no longer land, nest, conversate on my balcony they do leave the nasty black and white soupy gift when they zoom up an fly up to the neighbour above me and perch there. *sigh* “you can’t win for losing.” At least I don’t have to content with eggs, nests, and baby pigeons? *Sigh* ‘sometimes the battles won in life are few and far between, as far as victory goes I’ll take it. I believe that we must take our victories were we can and keep moving on regardless and in spite of whatever challenges are endeavour to cross our path.

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