Jul 9, 2011

17 Stop Feeding The Pigeons–Part 2

mom in rage by sheshaThe saga continues (part1).  Well I’ve investigated, I’ve  had the bird netting installed , it cost me $200.00 with taxes ($213.00). The contractors were fast and efficient,  I am relieved from the jumping up and down screaming and shouting, ‘GO AWAY! GO AWAY! ‘ while waving frantically and banging like a bloody mad woman on the glass sliding doors. It was a bit too much for even for me, heaven's i was starting to annoy myself. I mean sometimes I wanted to literally turn and slap myself and say...shut up!

As for my arm, the long scratches are healing but not without leaving long railroad like marks, hopefully that will fade in time. The elbow hurts like hell though and I am experiencing more pain now than when I originally took the graceless swan dive into the concrete. The only way I seem to get any relief is when I crack it (probably not a good idea but i do it anyway). My wrist for the most part is ok it hurts just a bit and the pain in the derriere well that too is fading, somewhat.

I'll am officially pigeon free, at least of their bodies and nesting as for the poop hmmmmm, the jury’s still out on that one, well unless my neighbour above me gets proactive and take some precautionary measures I will have to content with the periodic poop splatter....have mercy!!! What a compromise eh! I’ll keep you posted.

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