Jul 12, 2011

10 Saying it Visually

Yesterday proved to be an interesting day picturesquetically, is that a word? oh well is now. Any who, here are some of my visuals.

permanent panty hose PERMANENT PANTYHOSE.

This is my pic for photo of the day. Summer is here and the close evaporates. This photograph began my day, I call it permanent pantyhose as the woman has the styling rendition of a pantyhose tattooed the back of her legs.





feeding the homelessWhile waiting for the streetcar on Spadina and College I saw this group of people walking along Spadina with bags of drinks and snacks they were handing out to the homeless-yesterday was a smoldering hot, humid day.


Miles Nada Jewish Community Center (MNJCC),

Mile Nada Jewish Community CenterLocated  Spadina  Ave, intersection at Bloor and Spadina, Housed within this building is the AL Green Theatre, opened since October 2003 AGT Toronto’s newest performing arts spaces.


Trinity Saint Paul's United Church of Canada 

SAM_0264I decided to stop by the grocery store – METRO and stopped to take a photo of Trinity Saint Paul's United Church of Canada located at Bloor and Walmer Road. This church is has a multi-diverse congregation that includes not only people of all ethnicities but also of sexual orientation (lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/ transgendered/queer ). 

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