Jul 26, 2011

7 A Day’s Observation


denturesShe walks with her arms up, chin resting in her palms and her fingers working steadily. As the crowd shuffle along purchasing their items in the market she weaves her way through the people her hands concentrated to her mouth. As I got closer realize, she is fixing her dentures. Unsuccessful she pulls them out discreetly and exams them. I move along thinking, ‘I hope no one bumps into her.’ Didn’t get a snap, my camera was buried in my bag and my hands were filled.


SAM_0337Tattoos are en vogue, the new permanent body accessory almost everyone has something, someone stabbed into their flesh.

 Body graffitti 1 body graffitti  Body graffitti 1 (2)Body graffitti 1 (3)Body graffitti 1 (5)

“Sometimes there is more power in letting go than in having the last word.” Self-quoted

He jumps up hands flaring, in a high pitch voice he shrills, “excuse me, excuse, sorry please stop.” As his quieter companion follows behind hips moving in an exaggerated sway, the streetcar driver not appearing to hear him drove on. He is pissed, he turned back to his companion in dramatic flair saying, “He didn’t stop,” he announces dejectedly. “He could have stopped,” he then said indignantly.” His companion says softly, it’s ok. He looks at me and complements, “I love that green you are wearing.” “Thank you,” I replied. He continues, that’s the color he (pointing to his companion) wants to paint his nails. “Oh,” I said, “but that will look like he has rotting fingers.” Eyes rounded his companion piped up, “oh no not that green, a deep forest green.” “Ah,” I said as the streetcar pulls into Bathurst subway. Still unsettled by not getting his wish to get off early the young man announces, “I am going up front and tell him he should have stopped.” I said, “Why put your energy there?” “Exactly,” his companion agrees, “don’t say anything, he encourages.” As I parted ways with the young men I left them with one last word. .. “Sometimes there is more power in letting go than in having the last word.” “Exactly says his companion with a tender look and a flare of arms.


SAM_0365Yeah, yeah I know I am bad, but what can I say? It just called to me to click, so I clicked. With no material to absorb the wet we all get to witness the ass sweat…yuck…at least its not loose stool….eeech!





SAM_0325Around the city one can find some interesting gardens and pockets of lovely flowers growing also magically on their own accord, though of course in the city it is the hand of “man” that does the planting. 



SAM_0340 SAM_0341SAM_0342 SAM_0344




  1. "With no material to absorb the wet we all get the witness the ass sweat…" Gurl, you won't kill me with laughter!

    On Tatoos, I just don't get it. I try to understand it but...*sigh*. It's like self harm...in a kinda way, the only difference is that tatooing is socially acceptable. That's my POV, anyway.

    I hope your sis is doing fine. Have a lovely day.

  2. This is the most interesting thing i've read today, lol. You should do it more, maybe once a week or something.
    I can't stand tattoos mehn...all that pain for what? A fashion statement or in loving memory? Mbanu, my Bible says no sef so case closed.
    LOl @ the encouter on the bus though... i just quoted you on twitter:p

  3. Not a tattoo person, Just think how those tats will look on old sagging skin.
    As for the sweat, man it is hotter than a firecracker here again today.

  4. I'm seeing a lot of tats in Hawaii too and it really perplexes me. Some are quite beautifully done but it usually clashes with some of their clothes. I saw one young woman yesterday with a line of stars that wrapped around her legs. I confess to staring at it which she may not have liked, but you can't expect people not to notice you if you paint your bodies in such "creative" ways.

  5. i can't even imagine tattoos like that..but then, I am quite middle aged. ;-)

  6. body graffiti?....looks beautiful though..but..what happens in the future when they put on weight or become born -again or simply don't like it??


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