Jul 31, 2011

17 Reluctant Listener

talkingoncellphonePeople are oblivious to others and the information they disseminate by virtue of speaking on the cell phone in public. On the bus, on the train, in the streetcar, on the ferry, in just about every public place one can fathom. While I too have a cell phone that I use primarily to keep in touch with my family and check messages on work I don’t publically engage in private conversations or speak like I am talking to someone across a stadium. For the most part I am able to tune out the incessant chatter with my own distractions, reading a book, playing Kevtris on my pocket pc, writing poetry or speaking with the bus/streetcar driver to whom I am on friendly terms with. However some people are just over the top and to be involuntarily subjected to their regurgitating dialogue is quite aggravating.


About a week ago I was on the bus home and there was this young girl, she didn’t look more than 15. She was chatting on the cell phone and for the most part the conversation was benign and although she was loud I could tolerate though barely as she was seated next to me. I guess the faiths were testing me that day because soon the conversation became intolerable as she started explicitly.

“Hey Brain,”

“Ooh yeah, you’re sexy”


Ok….? am thinking, girl people can hear you as her tone changed luridly suggestive.

I’ll show you when I get home, (pause giggle),

“you better be ready….” (she moans)

“I love you” (pause giggle),

“I love you more”

“I love you even more”

“Don’t even try that, “(giggle)

“You knowwwwww…. minds is more”

“Mom’s not home so I sneaked out,”

“I can be a while”


“You’re sexy”

I love you more”

I looked at her intently trying to gage her age. She still had baby fat on her face, around her waist, she had food stains on and around her mouth and on her shirt top, her hands were dirty and she looked like she had just the beginnings of breasts. In her hand she had two juvenile like drawings with colourful rainbows that said I AM PROUD OF WHO I AM (lovely sentiment) and something else that I cannot remember but it was a reference to Gay pride as the Gay Parade is this coming weekend.

“I want you”

”am hot”

“You’re sexy” (giggle, giggle)

“I love you”

“You ready for me, cause am hot”
“I love you more” (giggle, giggle)

At this point am asking myself ‘good Lord how much more of this can I take’ and praying hopefully she would get off soon. Just as I reached my tolerance max she rang the bell and got off. Sweet Jesus I think I hope this mother finds out what this child is up too.


Yesterday was another one of such experiences. A tall lanky man dressed casually in jeans and t-shirt in his late thirties mid forties got on the bus and sat directly opposite me. The driver came in and started the bus, about ¼ of the way in our trip the lanky gentleman took out his cell phone and dialed. “Hello” he boomed, I was listen2so startled I jumped my eyes wide open like a deer caught in the head lights. As the man spoke in what appeared to be polish. He continued in this startling volume astounding other passengers, for a brief moment he went down and then he was up in volume again and again I jumped. A woman on the same side two seats down from him looked up from her Sudoku puzzle in annoyance and then looked at me as if to ask, “is he for real, can’t he hear himself?” Again he went down in volume for a fraction of a second then up again at a startling pitch, again I jumped unable to become accustomed to the sound. At this point the bus driver asks, “Who is talking and need to shout on the phone.” the woman looked at me then at the man and mouthed “shut up”. I just started laughing, I couldn’t help it, because he was so stunningly and ridiculously loud one would think he was speaking to someone across the street over blaring traffic and he needed to project to be heard.

Thankfully he came off the phone a few minutes later, he was not long only the volume made it seem like ten minutes. I was still laughing to myself due to the incredulity of it all. He must have realized due to the look on people’s faces and the driver’s comment because he looked at me and asks, “Was I too loud?” I shook my head yes, then he asked again, “Was I very loud?” and I said yes again with my head not trusting myself to speak. He remained quiet for the rest of the trip.


  1. Good morning Fab…I see you came by "Real Good Company" looking for a new entry. I know you know, that I’ve been hanging out in “Blog Pad” going through the Old Testament in chronological order at my own pace. Put!!! Put!!!Putting along…OK…My friend, you got my praise on this morning with Mr. Franklin. But then my hips started shaking with Shakira…Snicker!Unfortunately, quiet time is something that is being lost in our technological world. I love my quiet time. I talk to many people who have lost their peace. Have no peace. Yes…No quiet time can they find. but then we could shut off out televisions, computers, and radios?Sometimes I wonder why I bought a BlackBerry because I do not use it that much. Hmmm…Maybe I need to check out Kevtris?Have a splendid weekend…

  2. No he didn’t ask if he was too loud!! What an idiot?! Girl they are everywhere, so be consoled. I resent people who have no descretion and respect for others while they on a cell phone, whether it be talking like they are deaf, holding up a damn line or talking smut for everyone to hear! What scares me even more is that this trend seems to be getting worst. Makes me wonder, did any of them ever heard about "charity begins at home and ends abroard?"Anyway gurl, I went to the mudder country/island an come back. The last week was the most enjoyable, the first two was completely tied up in the burucracy, red tape and lack of efficiency and customer service and everything else that makes Trinidad, Trinidad!! Not to mention the fact that there was a holiday in every week!! But home is home, wha we go do!! – sigh -Have a great weekend!

  3. It’s funny! People like to do something which could distract other people and they seem used to it and it’s fun, are they out of their mind? Couldn’t they be tolerate, be patient and care about others? Pleasssssss

  4. I wonder where we are headed with all of this? I don’t have a cell phone. I find them rather foreign. Don’t like them but each to their own. It seems to give many users a feigned level of importance. We’re all just people. People with everyday business that can be taken care of later…behind closed doors. I don’t get it. Well, I do, and that’s why I don’t get one

  5. oh yeah seems to me every body has one these days………they are more a style statement that anything else………and ofcourse a way to run bills……………….it can be over bearing to hav someone shout …………………really………………………………thanks for stopping by have a nice day

  6. No wonder I carry on so well without a cellphone :)

  7. I do not own a cell phone. I despise phones for the most part. Only good for emergencies and important things. I find it rude and obnoxious when people talk in stores, restraunts, cars, or anywhere. This is a very good post. Great photos in your album too, by the way! Love the water photos. xo

  8. Namaste………….lol i promised myself today that i woudl greet you with a formal Namaste……………………………..have a nice day……….and just read on vijay’s space that you might quit blogging……….It would be our loss completely……….YOu have wonderful insight and i am so grateful that you share some of it with us.

  9. Yes, cell phone usage is just the same in my area. They have now been banned in many places here.As for the girl, from your description of her, she may have snuck away from home but I doubt very much if the parents even care.

  10. Im gonna go against the grain here and say that most people who talk loud on the phone dont realize they are talking loud. And a lot of people who complain about people speaking loud on the phone do it too because like i said, a lot of times you can't tell how loud you really are. Especially when there's other noise around you.

    But that little girl talking nasty on the phone...smh. Kids these days. Some conversations are not meant to be had outside (and certainly not to be had at all at that age).

  11. Lol! I hate when people are unnecessarily loud on their cell phones. Like...come on...there are others around you....keep it down! I guess some people just don't know when to be quiet or rather wait to get home before talking on the phone. Well oh well...some people will never learn I guess. Ha

  12. Oh you hit on a sore spot with me. People nobody cares to hear your half of the conversation! Nobody wants to hear it! There's a large self cntered classes bunch out there armed with hi tech devices. They apparently think they are the center of the universe.

    The young lady you mentioned is probably the daighter of very boorish, brainless parents who are probably too busy yakking on the phone or texting.

  13. Rhapsody, I love this post and I am still laughing. What the hell is going on? No, seriously, what is going on in the minds of people that formerly public space is now open to private thoughts? We are the same people who used PHONE BOOTHS to speak in not so long ago? I mean jeez. I can't stand how people just run their mouths these days in the street like they have no manners and were raised in barns. It is one of my biggest pet peeves and I am sad to say, yet another sign of the dumbming down effect that seems to be everywhere these days. Mmm mmm mmm. I am glad you were honest with him, gurl. Maybe he will be shamed and keep his voice down in future. There is NO hope for the young girl though, it's a generational thang... Peace, Coco www.cocorivers.wordpress.com

  14. Some people need to be taught Phone Etiquette...

  15. Would you believe that I nearly finished my comments in here then go off...
    Anyway I think everywhere are the same that even inside toilets the younger girls are keeps talking.
    In here so far we can't used cell phones awhile driving the cars. You will get fine.
    Hopefully in the future some rules for these nuisance the cellphone users?
    Very good post!

  16. In public places etiquette demands that loud and personal conversations on cell phones are best avoided.Parents and schools should teach the basic courtesies.You are bringing interesting posts that carry good messages

  17. due to the bad /poor connection atimes in some areas, one would understand why one is loud, but the conversation of the 15year old, is too private to be exchanged in a public place!instead they should be texting each other. well. it's an everyday occurence in 9ja, that i don't pay attention at all, esp when one is walking along the road and there is static interefernces one would speak out loud.


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