Jun 14, 2011

23 Picture Observations of The Day–Worth a 1000 words/Blog Award

Air vent pantsHOLLEY HOLE

Really?  Obviously by her posture she couldn’t feel the hole in her crotch area. I don’t know how though since its large enough to drive a train through. Ah mean dang!!!! lady close your legs already.  I know am bad right, but hey am not the one sitting with my legs spread eagle.


Bird nest weaveWEAVE NEST MESS

Lets take a moment here and learn from this hair weave fore par. Lesson,   when your weave begins to look like a badgers nests it is time to take it out! No, adding a hat, a cap no less as a solution, does not bloody work! I wish I had remember to keep my camera in my hand to capture the true rattiness in the back of this crap nest.



College Street United ChurchCORNER BUILDING

College Street United Church on College & Bathurst in downtown Toronto. Love the architectural  design and the color brick, its timeless and ages well.



Admiring the greenery on Stagecoach Rd - Scarborough Ontario.

Greenery on Stagecoach Road in Scarborough

Greenery on Stagecoach Road in Scarborough (2)


Today I was blessed with a SUNSHINE AWARD from Herrad. Thank you Herrad. In the spirit of this blessing I will like to pass it on to the following recipients below:

  1. Nitti Gritty Housewife,
  2. Michiko,
  3. Sweetly Broken,
  4. Day by Day with Beth Marie,
  5. Blogzilla,
  6. The Corner Shop,
  7. Partha at Random Thoughts,
  8. Chaos Headquarters,
  9. Kitkat’s Tales,
  10. Ms. P at Life Definitely Rocks,
  11. Chizy’s Spyware,
  12. Chronicles of an Unknown Indian,
  13. @iola,
  14. Myne Whitman Writes,
  15. At the Starting Gate
  16. njafoodie
  17. Natasha’s Journey
  18. Life is good

Please keep the blessing going by gifting 10 people with the award letting them know their contribution to bloggersville is appreciated and what they have to say matters.

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