Jun 13, 2011

8 Cloudy Evening Stroll & Visiting A Sick Friend

Today was a cloudy day. I went for a walk and ended up at Walmart, there I indulged in my guilty pleasure of gadgets exploring, more specifically cameras. Since someone absconded with my compact digital my everyday sidekick I wanted to replace it with another. I opted to stay within a moderate range, nothing over $140. I found just the thing although it wasn’t what I truly wanted (its not in stores yet) this will do in a pinch. My larger DSLR camera I leave for when I am going to big events etc. Testing out my new trusty sidekick I took some photos of the day. (Just click on pics to make larger)


Cloudy Day in June (4) Cloudy Day in June (5)Cloudy Day in June (6) Cloudy Day in June (8)Cloudy Day in June (7) Cloudy Day in June (9)  Cloudy Day in June (10) Cloudy Day in June (11)


On mother’s Sunday May 8th we all celebrated at my sister’s house, one of our close family friend who enjoy the festivities with us suffered a stroke the very next day, Monday May 9th, she has been in hospital ever since. My sister called and said she was going to visit along with my mother, her sister and another friend so I joined the group. We could only see her two at a time, so some left while some stayed. She is doing a lot better now, she is able to speak and move the left side of her body however the right side is still numb. She is still in a state of disbelieve that she had a stroke because she didn’t have any signs. I offer words of encouragement and advise to keep a positive attitude through the struggle. She is worried about the immobility of her right side and wonders out loud what will happen, what will be the permanent state of her physical outcome if any.

In such a situation its hard to say the appropriate thing. It is not hard to be empathetic because one is confronted with the reality of our own mortality. We just never know what will happen, when it will happen, how and to what degree and then how it will impact us physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, spiritually and how it will transform us from that point on. We learn quickly not to take things for granted and things once deem important become insignificant. Her experience had us all thinking about ourselves, the ways in which we neglect our selves, not take good enough care and at times become nonchalant about keeping up with medications, doctors visits and managing the stresses in our lives. It was a sobering moment. We all left wishing her well with a promise to return.

Please say a pray for her speedy and full recovery and that her spirit not be broken by the experience and challenges to come.

PHOTOS ON THE WAY BACK HOMECloudy Day in JuneCloudy Day in June (3) Cloudy Day in June (2) Cloudy Day in June (12) 


Please take care of yourself, give equal time to self-care as you do to everything else in your life. You are just as important as all the things that demands your time, energy and focus.

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