Jun 15, 2011

10 A Little Of This & A Little Of That, A Fascinating Observation & Love’s Familiar


7:05 am: Good Morning Sunshine – Admiring the sunrise as I wait for my mom and sister.

Good Morning Sunshine  Good Morning Sunshine (6)Good Morning Sunshine (2)  Good Morning Sunshine (3)


Ride Into the City (2)Ride Into the City (3)Ride Into the City


Waiting with my mom before she takes off

595 Bay Street (Dundas & Bay)595 Bay on DundasBuilding South on Bay St. in between College & DundasOn Bay


Dragon City Mall (Dundas & Spadina) Dragon City Mall (2)Dragon Pole on east corner of Dundas & SpadinaDragons On DundasLooking Up at the pair of DragonsDragons On Dundas (4)Dragons On Dundas (6)Pair of Dragon Poles on Dundas & SullivanDragons On Dundas (2)


8:35 am, At least every couple of weeks these city workers can be seen scraping off the posters on poles.

A Practice in Futility (3) A Practice in Futility (2)

They stand there chipping away steadily, a futile tasks. A Practice in Futility (5) A Practice in Futility (4)

5:00 pm >>> Because before the day’s end they are back up again.A Practice in Futility A Practice in Futility (6)



Tat Fade: I saw a beautiful woman of African decent, she was about 5’5” between 33 – 39 years old, well dressed with a low cut, a fade. On closer observation I realized that her low fade wasn’t hair but in fact was a tatoo fade. I was immediately fascinated. My first thought was ‘dang that must of hurt,’ my second was ‘why would someone do something so drastic,’ and then after the intial shock upon realization that it wasn’t her hair I thought, ‘hmmmmmm, she looks good, it suit her and she is working the tat fade.’ I have never been so tempted to take a picture. I vacillated between snapping a pic and asking her about her daring do. In the end I just minded my business and took it for what it was, fascinating.


Hands IntertwinedEvery once in a while I am delightfully treated with what  seem like a sweetly wonderful expression of love. An older Latino couple came into the train. They were very animated in there discussion. Periodically they were each touching each other as they spoke with a familiarity that spoke of years together. They took the side beside me and continued there conversation and then intertwined their hands. I very casually removed my camera and surreptitious took a quick photograph. It left a smile on my face. Love is beautiful to witness when it seem so effortless.


  1. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Loved it. Absolutely loved it! I too enjoy a good sunrise. I find it to be the beginning of a new day and a new start. The beginning of endless possibilities. Very nice photos! Thanks for allowing me to take this little stroll with you... our first date!!?
    What? Mind your own business? Bwahahaha! I think you handled yourself splendidly. There's nothing wrong with admiring someone or something from the distance.

  2. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ I love to holds hand with a signifiant other... after all, the spaces between our fingers were created so that another's could fill them in. Love to see that 'love connection' between our older generation, makes me wonder how long they have shared each other's company.

  3. What an awesome morning you had. The photos are great! A love like that is rare in today's world.

  4. Forgive me, may I ask; where're those pics from? I mean, what country?

    I love LOVE. I mean, I'm moved when I see love in action.

    - LDP

  5. Loved those dragon poles...wow! Those guys cleaning the poles were cute, the one looked like he enjoyed you taking time to notice and take a pic.
    Honestly I don't know what a fade is but sounds interesting to me.
    The Latino couple, those are the kinds of things that just make me smile.

  6. LOOLL at the poster removal! Totally futile haha. Awww for the couple.

    Lovely pictures

    The Corner Shop

  7. Aw, the last photo of the couple is truly beautiful, and the red dragons are awesome too!

  8. Nice post! Nice pictures! I love seeing shots of where people live and thank you for the link concerning the phony food ingrediants. Buyer beware.

  9. oH THOSE shots of your daily travels were beautiful right down to the holding of hands, lovely. My brother and sister-in-law have been married for 40years this coming October and are still holding hands. Wonderful and thank you for your visit, always lovely to hear from you. Sheila :)


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