Jun 21, 2011

14 Photo-mania & Mom

So I took a personal day away from work to spend with my mom and decided on my trek through Scarborough to take my friends digital camera that she is currently having a love/hate relationship (not on speaking terms) with and do a diagnostics of sorts in an effort to grasp the scope of her digi cam issue.

On The Bus 86 Bus to My Sister’s

Highland creek parketteI had forgotten about the camera in my bag until the bus driver announced he was turning back and we all had to vacate the bus. I called my mom to let her know what was happening. We were let off at the Highland Creek Parkette. Its a Parkette because it is a mini version of a park one with two benches and some trees. To pass the time I took a few shots. Soon the other bus arrived, I boarded and turned off the camera and sat preparing for the second leg of my journey only to have the driver turn swiftly on Meadowvale and I quickly realized it was my stop. Laughing at myself I rang the bell and jumped up, the driver looked at me as if to ask, “what is so funny,” I explained that I didn’t realize that I was so close to my stop otherwise I could have walked instead of waiting.

Huskie name Blue on Stagecoach CircleI took a few pictures of the houses, walk paths and Greenery along Meadowvale Road, Kingston Road, Stagecoach Circle. and the sunset. I even manage to capture a couple of shots of a huskie dog called Blue along with some flowers the residence display with pride. You will encounter in the photographs the paths blocked off with the chain, this is actually a trail walk way to a park with a pond but it has been over grown by trees and shrubbery. I wouldn’t say its the safest place to be walking alone.

While I was taking pictures a middle aged couple of African decent stop to tell me that it is actually a park and the city spend over a million dollars to create a pond for tranquillity only now because it is overgrown and not maintained the residents cannot enjoy it. It is now a safety issue because it is too dense and overgrown. Enjoy….

Final diagnostic analysis on the digital camera, it freezes. Sometimes it would allow you to play back photos and sometimes it won’t. It would just freeze and the only option to turn off is to take out the battery, real ghetto. I don’t know that it is worth it to get it fixed as it may cost as much as it does to purchase a new one. When was time to head home 9:58 pm my mom said she would walk me out to the stop. I waited, nothing, I called, she answered but still no sight of her. I thought perhaps I misunderstood her accompanying me to the stop so I left. Just as I was crossing Kingston unto Meadowvale I missed a bus. I was resigned to wait a while for the other however I was pleasantly surprise when less than a minute one pulled up. I quickly boarded flash my pass and took a seat. I called my mom to let her know I was on the bus. She didn’t pick up. I left a message. My phone rang, I missed the call. I called back it was my moms friend, she passed the phone to my mom who was laughing hysterically because she came out only to see my making tracks to catch the bus. It was a good evening, only left with a little indigestion from the food I ate….uck i hate the feeling.

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