May 19, 2011

12 A Single Observation–The Poetic Nose Digger

He is Caucasian

His skin holds a pinkish hue

He appears to be in his late twenties early thirties

He has dark brown hair

He is dressed in jeans, t-shirt, spring jacket and sneakers

He boards the streetcar at Yonge and Dundas

He sits

He blows his nose

He examines the boogers

He wipes it in his pants

He blows his nose again

He uses the same hand and smooth back his hair

He pauses a moment

He fiddles with his blackberry

He smiles

He resumes digging his nose

He rolls the boogers between his index finger &  thumb

He flicks it away from him

He digs in his nose again

He flicks it toward the ground

He wipes his hands on the cuff of his pant leg

He dives in again

He wipes it on the side of his seat

Satisfied he again smooth his hair

He stands up

He exits the streetcar

Leaving the boogers hanging on the side of the chair



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