May 24, 2011

7 A text discussion with my daughter on her way to New York


The creepy guy and the slick passenger?


7:33 am          morning I am currently sitting on the bus save and sound! Text you again when we leave Love you <3 

8:04 am          And the bus is off! See you a week Love you lots <3

8:05 am          good, love you to

10:01 am        got through the boarder just fine

10:41 am        UGH There is this totally creepy guy steering me down on the bus. Like unwavering eye contact. Mommy save me =( lol

10:42 am        just be muful and aware but don’t stare back

10:43 am        Be what?

10:45 am        mindful? as in aware and don’t stare back

10:46 am        You wrote muful so I didn’t get it lol, Ugh creepy looking guy. It’s raining

10:44 am        no glasses, on bed, having a real squint fest

10:53 am        Lol, they are right beside you on the dresser

10:57 am        I know but I was on the bed.

11:07 am        Lol, drama on the bus! The bus driver is getting irritated with this one passenger and now we are stalled at buffalo airport.

11:08 am        what? Why?

11:09 am        something about not having a ticket or the right ticket so he is giving the guy till Syracuse to call customer services and get one

11:10am         hmmmmm, and they didn’t know that before he boarded?

11:11 am        that’s what I am saying the bus driver is supposed to check everyone for tickets and passports and again when they change drivers at buffalo bus station.

11:12am         I mean I understand if this is a new driver then the first one is at fault now this one is picking up the grieve and if its his fault then that would be why he’s

11:13 am        giving him time the opportunity to call customer services because there will be consequences for him too.

11:18 am        the guy should have known better than to come onto the bus without a ticket. I think he got away with it before but didn’t this time.

11:19 am        hmmmmmm, there is always one, please not black…

11:20 am        he is that nice dark black that you like to and he is actually hot and was eyeing me down…lol

11:20 am       hot, cheap and lousy is not a good mix, sometimes God do that to see if we have learnt our lesson of all that glitters is not gold. The brother is costume jewellery the kind that rotten your ears and turn your hands green.

11:21 am        AAAAAAAAAAH! I just got a sneaky pic for you XD

11:29 am       please delete the pic I am drowning in disappointment already

11:25 am       LMAO

11:27 AM       LMAO OMG are you sure you don’t want to see? He is looking really good in the blue shirt, lol

11:29 am       how good can good be when its rotten on the insides? No please save me the heartbreak. The brother is like the sale you break your neck to get to only to find out it’s only a 2% off discount

11:44 am        LMAO you making me look like I am crazy person because I keep busting out laughing

11:46 am       at least one of us is amused. 

11:50 am        Lol, what else am I suppose to do? Cry? He did it to himself, just buy a flipping ticket, lol

11:54 am        well he is like on and off the phone right now so I guess he is trying to get a ticket as we speak cause all he needs is a reservation number.

11:56 am       ah ha assholes exists everywhere he is probably just pretending and will come up with some lame ass excuse, he should just bitch slap himself for his stupidity

11:58 am        Lol, well he is sitting in the back where he bus driver can’t see him so pretending at this point is redundant lol

11:59 am        hoping he will forget about him I am sure

12:00 pm        lol, The Asian bus driver won’t, lol

12:04 pm        what are you implying? Or is it an acute observation based on the driver’s tone, and behaviour? I trust you are not being politically incorrect hmmmmmm?

12:06 pm        Lol, no its based on the driver

12:11 pm        he was all over the guy before he could finish make the call and came back several times like 5 mins, lol

12:27 pm        Ok, well I don’t know if roaming charges apply to this text conversation so lets table this before I have to sell my you know what to pay the bill and child that is too much hard work for me

12:29 pm        lmao, ok

Summary conclusion…. of Creepy guy and Mr. Slick

My daughter reached safely – thank God, it turns out….

Mr. Creepy     truly is creepy, kept the stears up. My girl handled herself well and remained on the ball and aware of herself, him and her surrounds.

Mr. Slick          turns out not to be slick but ignorant to the traveling process so we will call him Mr. Ignorant. He called customers service with no success. Kept getting the answering machine

The Driver      followed up with customer service not believing Mr. Ignorant and quickly realized he was telling the truth.

Mr. Ignorant    light bulb went off - suddenly realized he had his laptop

Mr. Trini          irritated passenger - oh gard…. come nah come, come nah, get it together, you cah come half-ass so. Get on your computer and search yuh email.

Mr. Ignorant    I deleted all my emails I didn’t thing I would need them

Mr. Trini          weh you go do something so stupid fuh, you duh know you have to keep all your important stuff. You need make sure you understand all you information on wah yuh have to do

Driver              between Syracuse – you going to have to pay again or I will have to leave you here.

Mr. Ignorant    I don’t have enough money

G/Samaritan   it’s ok I will pay for your ticket – cost $38.00

Mr. Ignorant    thanked the Good Samaritan searching his pocket and coming up with $20 – all had and offered it to the Good Samaritan

G/Samaritan   it’s ok keep it in case of emergency

Mr. Ignorant    embarrassed he thanks the Good Samaritan again. He naively assumed they (transit system) would know he travelled up before and didn’t keep the e-ticket containing all the info including the reservation number.  He threw it away without realizing that his paper ticket was for both going and returning

The lessons I got from my daughter’s relayed observations:

§ Always read all travel documents

§ Don’t assume anything about travelling always do your  research and be prepared

§ Always work with money in case of emergency

Personal observation – God rescues us from our naivety  and stupidity


  1. lol... Mr Ignorant has had a long day, but truely your tips re on point

  2. Nice! and interesting- I agree with you about the sometimes God does that to let us know that all that glitters isn't gold :)

  3. ... awww.. this is too cute, sounds like you have a great frinedship with your daughter. I couldnt stop smilling reading through this.

  4. You sound like your daughter's BFF lol

  5. My mom is my BFF! =D
    Lol Nice that you relayed it all on here. =p And see how I read and comment so now you can't say I didn't. Lol
    - Gawdess DeeVa

  6. This conversation got to show you and your daughter are best of friends...laughed though..why couldn't he buy a simple ticket to avoid the embarrassment?

  7. Yeah, i like you guy's relationship :D

    At least there are still good samaritans around



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