May 28, 2011

14 A Winter’s Day Observation

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight seems a strange fruit that people are hesitant to eat. You either get a grunt response, no response or a look of complete confusion.

Man spits and then swerves drastically to avoid his own spit as the wind blows fiercely in his direction.

The ratio of foul smelling men and women assaulting my nose first thing in the morning on public transit is 50/50. Makes me wonder how many are allergic to water, deodorant and toothpaste. I have taken to burying my head in my breast for refuge.

She is dressed well. The cream suit peeps out from the long jacket where its opened to the top and to the leg where she has one draped over the other. She is well perfumed. She reeks of alcohol. Her attempt to cover with perfume fails miserably as no amount of perfume/cologne will cover the stench of alcohol. The stuff permeates from the pores and saturates pungently with the sweat. The pungent sweet, stale odorous alcohol smell encompasses her being and betrays her attempt of professionalism.

The flakes on the man’s coat, scarf and shirt sitting in front of me is not a design pattern but psoriasis,, yuck.

The kid sitting with his mother speaking quietly holds out his hands to her as she puts on his mittens, one purple, one turquoise , cute?

38% of the people on the train is asleep, 30% is reading, 10% is listening to their IPod/MP3 players, 7% is staring aimlessly into nowhere in particular, 5% is attempting to read the other persons paper, 5% is in conversation with another person, 3% waits hands poised with their cell phones ready for when the train to exits the tunnels to dial, they communicate quickly before the trains enters another tunnel and the signal is lost and 2% spend their time writing.

A man is his best audience as he holds a conversation with himself, answers himself, laughs and sings to himself pausing periodically to cheer loudly, laugh and change songs.

Some of the seats on the train and the bus were dirty with wet dirty snow footprints

The convenient store next to my work raises their prices every week, soups that use to be 3 for $1 was then .40 cents, then .45 cents now they are .50 cents each. Apparently it is convenient to be arbitrary with their prices.

People dying to be fashionable would rather freeze and be trendy than covered up and be warm.

A man dances in his seat looking at himself in the train window in when its in the tunnel obviously enamoured with his performance.

On the streetcar a man holds up a newspaper as if he is reading as his heads slips lower and lower. He jerks awake when the streetcar stops and promptly falls back to sleep again this time going so low I though he would slam his head on the partition that separated the back door and his seat. The street comes to a stop again and he bolts upright and proceeds to read as if he was never asleep. Truly amazingly comical

In the Shoppers Drugmart pharmacy on College and Bathurst a man checks his lottery ticket, he wins $5.00, he checks another and wins $5 more, he looks insulted that he didn’t win more, he frowns then turns around and purchase $40 more in lottery tickets. I guess he has as strategy for winning?

A man approached my on the train on my way home from work. I was eating pizza. He said, excuse miss, can I have piece of your pizza. I am hungry. I gave him the other half of my slice that was uneaten.

A woman I see often meets me by happenstance on the bus. I pray silently that she does not sit by me. She has  very bad breath (like the smell of a men’s urinal that have been use for three days without cleaning). The smell is so foul that at times I can’t catch my breath. She sits beside me and strikes up a conversation. In order not to be rude I lean tiredly on my bag strategically away from her pretending exhaustion. The powerful stench of her breath still slaps me but it does not knock me out like the last time we spoke face to face, then too I laughed lavishly with her while stepping back inconspicuously. I answer her questions, yawning as a body language signal for her to quiet. I close my eyes for a moment praying my silent communication will hit home and she will quiet thereby successfully closing her mouth. I ask God for forgiveness and his interference so that I don’t do something so obvious that I hurt her feelings. She got the message. I thank the heavens and gave praises to my blessed Divine for the rescue.

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