May 29, 2011

10 Saturday Morning Blues

lilace roseI was digging around in my old blog and found this post I wrote on a Saturday morning May 28, 2005 exactly six years to date. I thought I’d share it with you.

Am about to get on my soap box and rant, i like to call it (ROAL) Rapping on a Lyric

Saturday Morning Blues

  Ever had the Saturday morning blues (SMB)? You know that grumpiness you feel on a Saturday morning when you are forced due to circumstances to get up anytime before 10 am. I mean after getting up at 5:30/6 am every morning from Monday to Friday to go to work or school if you are a student. You figure hey, ‘it’s Saturday I can sleep in, I don't have to get up early, and do the customary mad rush to catch the bus, praying it will be on schedule because if it is not and it is late then you are late. Lets face it, how many times can you blame the public transit as the reason for your lateness before it becomes a redundant sad useless excuse that have the boss looking at you cross eyed? Even if you are telling the truth, that stuff gets old and played out, know what I mean?. If you are a driver you hitting the roads early to avoid traffic, not wanting to get caught in the slow moving cars, known as the commuting hell zone where even the snails are passing you by wondering what’s you hold up.

Those of us who have to use public transit getting on the bus and train is no picnic. Everybody wants to be in front of the door when it opens because the chances of getting a seat are very good. If you are too far behind then you will be standing in the train or the bus sandwiched between people trying to keep your balance while remaining upright sipping coffee or some other drink to give you a morning jolt and sweet talk your brain into being alert so you could look bright eyed and bushy tail.

This might seem a bit strange but on those mornings when you are closer to people than you would like, your desires and wishes are very short and practical. Actually to be accurate the desires and wish cumulate two things – one, a solitary seat or two, a seat beside someone with no body odour and if the first wish does not come through you are praying passionately and relentlessly that you will be blessed with the second. So you see why Saturdays are so important?

Saturday mornings is an escape from all that, its an oasis, a little slice of heaven...even if it only last till 10 am. Hey heaven can be enjoyed, if, but for a moment, it is enough to rejuvenate the soul and uplift the spirit. But when obligation unapologetically interrupts that prelude to heaven and you have to be up any time before 10 am it just vexes the spirit. Yes as a responsible adult you are going to do what you have to do, but who said you have to like it, and what law says you have to skip through the tulips with a song on your lips doing it?

Saturday morning is the one-day you could indulge yourself, sleep in a little, even if you are not sleeping, then you are doing what we refer to in the Trinidad as soaking, you soak. You know, just lay there in bed, relaxing, reading, meditating, doing whatever floats your boat. You get my drift?

The point is, i do not want anything, anyone in no shape or form to interrupt my Saturday morning leisure. Rest is like food to the body and mind, it keeps the body in peak form, gets the juices flowing in the right direction and sets the world on an even keel and dammit I hate these doses of reality that insist I dance when I don’t want to. Queen's tiaraWhy as the Fabulicious Queen Bee and master of my domain I should be able to do as I please and still I cannot  do all that I want, when I want, if I feel like it because alas my duties call. What’s up with that hmmmm, can somebody tell me? Where is the regard for the sanctity of my Queenly sanctuary and lol, lol, lol. Hey, no laughing. A person needs their lazy leisure moments just for the hell of it, there is nothing wrong with that, is there?

Well that’s my rant for today….trust me there will be others, thanks for listening. 

Peace... am outta here!!

Cut to 2011 Present Time

059Wow how times changes ones perspective on things. I now have those moments where I can do what I want when I want, if I want to, however, there are times when life dictate that I have to forgo those moments and if I fail to rise and take to tasks that which is required of me not because I was unable but because I chose not to in preference of being defiant  then I would surely face the consequences of that defiance, i.e., ignoring ones responsibilities.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were times when one can absolutely abscond of responsibilities and just be and not have to face the consequences? Don’t you think? Am I dreaming? Or, am I the eternal optimist?

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